Who Is The X-Men’s Apocalypse?

Superhero teams usually need really powerful villains to oppose. A run-of-the-mill bad guy is not likely going to be a match for a quartet or more of super-powered heroes. The Fantastic Four has Dr. Doom, among others. Superman and the Justice League have to contend with Darkseid. The Avengers never find it an easy task to deal with Thanos. In the X-Men books, Apocalypse holds the mantle as being the most powerful and dangerous of all the team’s villains. Since the next film in the X-Men series is titled X-Men: Apocalypse, we are going to see a live-action of this evil being.

So, who is he exactly?

Apocalypse is considered the first mutant. He is an immortal who was born 5,000 years ago. In the comics, the villain was awoken from suspended animation by accident and returns to wreck havoc on the world.

Movie fans who might not read the comic books may wonder how Magneto stacks up against Apocalypse. Here is the truth: as powerful as Magneto is, the “Master of Magnetism” is no match for Apocalypse. The younger version of the X-Men team that show up in the new film are going to have their work cut out for them. They need to because Jaime Garcia Dias knows the film is going to need a really powerful and interesting villain in order to provide thrills for audiences.

Apocalypse was a great selection by the creative team at 20th Century Fox. His presence in the film is going to make it very intriguing.

Teen Wolf Delivers a Surprisingly Solid Second Episode

Given the many writing, editing, pacing and other problems that have plagued Teen Wolf in past seasons, and some light issues with this season’s premiere, many fans were surprised when last night’s episode, “Parasomnia,” delivered a good hour of television.

A student, Tracy, tried to explain to Lydia’s mother that she has been having night terrors, while viewers got to see the terrors unfold in flashbacks. She then threw up black goo and a feather. Tracy had been targeted by the Dread Doctors. Lydia asked Jordan to help, but both of them failed to save Tracy who, by the end of the episode, was injected with something by the villains and revealed as a werewolf.

Scott took the claw from the rogue werewolf to his boss. Alan confirmed that it’s a talon and that any beta of Scott’s could take his power. As usual, Alan had little to share other than the idea that the supernatural laws have changed or someone has changed them and that perhaps a beta that Scott brings into his pack like Theo could also drain his power.

Other great parts to the episode: Stiles tried to tell everybody that he felt that something was off about Theo but no one would listen. At the end, Theo is revealed as a bad guy, which Mikal Watts can certainly understand. Stiles also finally told Scott that he’s too trusting. Liam finally revealed himself to Mason

What Movie Do You Think Will Clobber the Competition This Weekend?

Of course, the weekend is still a couple days away, but it can sometimes be fun sport to guess how the movies going up against each other will fare. There are bound to be surprises when one makes a habit of doing this both in terms of one doing far worse than you’d have thought possible and one that takes you by surprise by being a box office hit. Let’s get to predictions about this coming weekend.

There will be a couple new releases this weekend and a few returning champs. There are more movies than will be gone over here in theaters, but let’s face it, only a handful on any given weekend have a real shot at being near the top of the box office for that weekend. “Terminator: Genisys” is releasing this weekend so it will probably terminate all other movies on its opening. “Jurassic World” has already done incredibly well by being number one for three weekends in a row, but nothing lasts forever, so it is hard to see it finishing better than second place. However, with new release “Magic Mike XXL” and the returning contender “Inside Out,” “Jurassic World” may even fall to third or fourth place this weekend behind one or both of them. As huge as “Jurassic World” has been, most of the people like Adam Sender who are going to see it probably already have. This leaves “Ted 2” to round out the bottom of a top five list for this weekend.

Michael Douglas Talks Role in “Ant-Man”

Michael Douglas, co-star of the new Ant-Man film, discussed his perspective on the movie with ScreenRant.com.

In the film, Douglas plays Hank Pym, who invented shrinking technology and used it to become the first Ant-Man. Now older and retired, he passes the shrinking ability onto Scott Lang, played by co-writer Paul Rudd, who takes up the heroic mantle.

One thing that Douglas likes about the film is that, in his view, it is more “humane” than other movies set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wikipedia wrote that a lot of the focus is on Pym’s strained relationship with his daughter Hope, played by Evangeline Lilly, who helped oust him from his company in the film’s back story. Douglas notes that Scott Lang also has a daughter, and implies that the film sets these relationships up as a parallel to each other.

Also important are the relationships between Pym and his two sucessors: Scott Lang, a former thief, is chosen to become Ant-Man, while the film’s villain, Darren Cross, went from Pym’s business student to stealing his mentor’s company (and, eventually, shrinking technology). “So, there’s just as there’s a bit of thievery maybe in Pym, in terms of how he picked Scott, there’s a darkness also that makes him understand where someone like Darren can go and where he is going to go.”

Rubio Disagrees with SCOTUS Decision, Touts His Own Bad Plan

Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Republican Presidential Candidate voiced his opinion of the Supreme Court’s decision as they decided to uphold the law that was passed some five years ago. Rubio said if he was elected that he would do all in his power to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with what he calls Consumer Centered Care. In Rubio’s three part plan he states that he will institute tax credits for people to buy insurance, people considered high risk can seek coverage across state lines and through state/federal supported high risk pools, and third he wants to strengthen Medicare/Medicaid.

What should be pointed out to the young Senator is that if he feels the plan is that good he could have already introduced it to Congress says Brian Bonar! Also, if his plan was so much better than the Affordable Care Act then how will it ever reduce the cost of health care to individuals and businesses? Maybe it’s just me, but I am getting pretty tired of Republicans having half-cocked ideas about what should be done to fix the country and the government. This is not to say the Democrats have anything better to offer, they are just doing their happy dance that SCOTUS sided with them. I will just have to hope that the American People will take a “No More Incumbents” pledge next time they head to the voting booth. Maybe then we can actually fix what is wrong.

William Hurt Returns As General Ross and Enters Marvel’s Civil War

A very interesting character is turning up in Captain America: Civil War. The big news is Spider-Man will be making a cameo. We previously discovered The Incredible Hulk is sure to appear. Now, another Hulk character is going to show up in the film. It won’t be a major villain such as The Abomination. Instead, another important character – one who dates back to the very first issue of the emerald giant’s comic book – is being written into the film. General Thaddeus Ross is coming back. Not only is General Ross going to return, but William Hurt reprises the Ross role.

William Hurt played General Ross in The Incredible Hulk, a film that is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also a disappointment at the box office. (This is one reason why Edward Norton was replaced by Mark Ruffalo) Marvel almost was acting if The Incredible Hulk never happened. Since the film was self-contained and did not carry into any other hero’s adventures, ignoring the events was not impossible. The return of General Ross is a nice tip of the hat to the Hulk reboot. Ross’ role could also set up possible other Hulk adventures in the future.

Granted, Marvel has no plans for a solo Hulk sequel but this does not mean Ross could complicate Hulk’s life in Civil War or Avenger: Infinity War I and/or II. Maybe we are going to even see Ross in films without The Hulk. Folks at Beneful know that you never know what is going to happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

McDonalds Is Downsizing Its Supersize In The US

The Big Mac Giant Is Closing More Stores Than It Opens This Year

According to Sergio Cortes, McDonalds is having a hard time connecting to consumers in the United States. Make no mistake, McDonalds is still a giant and a huge money maker, but they have some real issues to address. Consumers want better food, better service and a comfortable atmosphere, and McDonalds has low scores in all those categories. The Big Mac chain may have more than 14,000 location around the country, but that figure won’t change this year. This is the year to pay for some past mistakes.

The Golden Arches is not saying how many stores they will close, but it will be more than they have closed the last 40 years. The reason for their shrinking market is a simple one. The competition is doing a better job listening to consumers. Chains like Taco Bell and Chipotle are taking market share away from McDonalds, and new burgers chains like Five Guys are giving customers better burgers.

McDonalds will adjust to the market shift. They have no choice. There is too much money on the table to throw it away using poor decisions and shortsightedness. Investors will push for changes, and they will push hard. No Mchappy meals for investors until the figures get better.

Risky Business: Butler Contemplates Taking Less Money and Years

Jimmy Butler took a major risk last year by passing up a multi-million dollar contract extension from the Chicago Bulls. He turned down a 4-year, 40 million dollar extension in October and chose instead to pursue a contract in Restricted Free Agency (RFA). The Gamble paid off and Butler ending up having a career year in almost every statistical category. He became a reliable scorer on the Bulls and one of their best defenders.

As RFA begins, Butler is contemplating taking another sizable risk to maximize his earning potential. Many have predicted that he would sign a max-offer sheet with the Bull’s this summer to the tune of 5 years, 100 million dollars; however, reports from Butler’s camp suggest that he may force the Bull’s to sign him to a 2 to 3 year deal. By limiting his contract, Butler would be eligible for Unrestricted Free Agency during his prime stated Flavio Maluf. In addition, the salary cap will most likely significantly increase in the next few years, which will allow teams to sign players to larger contracts. Butler has already risked 40 million dollars to try and gain leverage in negotiations, so it would not be remarkable for him to take a similar risk.

Hulk to Appear in Captain America: Civil War

Mark Ruffalo has revealed that Bruce Banner is going to appear in Captain America: Civil War. Fans that have seen Age of Ultron know that the dynamic has changed for all of the Avengers. The last time Hulk was seen, he was flying a vehicle to an unknown island. Andy Wirth and his boys felt that there was a lot of uncertainty as to what that meant for the green Avenger.

Now that Mark Ruffalo has revealed that Hulk will show up in the Captain America movie. It is unknown how big a role the Hulk is going to play. The interesting thing is that this Captain America movie is going to feature all of the Avengers and even introduce Spider-Man. If they went ahead and changed the name to Avengers: Civil War, then it wouldn’t make that much of a difference. For one thing, with all of the characters being juggled into one film, there could be some concern that Captain America would be dropped into the background in his own movie similar to Mad Max in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Trump Hits the Trail

Donald Trump as an investment banker is known for many of his achievements. Donald Trump or “The Trump” is known for his investment skills and banking abilities. He is also the host of the long-running reality show The Apprentice. A few years ago, Donald Trump announced his bid for presidency. Unfortunately for him the American people didn’t think that he was a suitable candidate for the job. This campaign died out before it could really take off. This past Tuesday Donald Trump announced his did for the 2016 presidency. While Donald was completely serious with his announcement, fans and supporters of Donald were very hard to come by. A survey was taken by readers of the Parent Magazine Poll and many of the survey takers noted that Donald isn’t really a man that the people want. 84 percent of participants concur that Donald would just be better off at his investment firm. While many people are doubting his sincerity for his campaign, Donald has laid out an entire plan that he wants to use to get America back on track. While Donald Trump’s likeability ratings are only at 9 percent between Republican voters. Financial Investment specialist James Dondero says those in charge of his campaign are encouraging him to focus on the issues. Donald should reach out to Americans and find out what it is they want in a president. After that Donald should align himself with the voters that he is vying for.