Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital Help the Little Man

Bradley Reifler is doing things differently in the world of investments and it just may affect your wallet. Traditionally, investment programs are reserved for the one-percenters, also known as an “accredited investor”. These individuals must have a net worth exceeding one million, or income exceeding $200,000. Anyone not meeting these requirements has typically been considered to not be “smart enough” to invest in higher risk products. Reifler believes that type of thinking is dead wrong.

Mr. Reifler of Forefront Capital seeks to close the economic gap with the Forefront Income Trust. This program actually caters to non-accredited investors that make up the majority of the middle class. Forty-four percent of this segment has less than six thousand dollars in savings. The Forefront Income Trust aims to increase that amount through specialty finance opportunities.

Reifler explains on Twitter, “Through the power of compounded returns, clients can potentially watch a small investment grow into a substantial retirement account.”

If it sounds too good to be true, take into account that, unlike Wall Street, Reifler’s group doesn’t make any money until their clients make an eight percent return. This guarantees that they’re working in the client’s best interests.

Forward-thinking such as this didn’t come overnight but rather from Reifler’s extensive history in investments. Beginning his career in 1982, he founded Reifler Trading Corporation, a firm engaged in the execution of global derivatives. After selling this venture in 2000, he was made Chairman of Pali Capital which he had helped found in 1995. During his tenure, Pali Capital was one of the most profitable Wall Street Firms.
In 2009, Reifler resigned his duties at Pali and became Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital Advisors. The Forefront Group is a boutique investment banking and wealth management firm. They offer investment advisory services to both individuals and institutions.  Read more about Brad’s accolades on LinkedIn.

Fabletics Elle

A very thought provoking article appeared in Elle Magazine. Leading actress, Kate Hudson, was interviewed about her new line of clothing, Fabletics. The clothing is a special project for Hudson. She always wanted a flexible line of clothing that she could wear to exercise class or dress up to dine out on the town. Well, Fabletics is her line of athletic-wear that is aimed at the modern day woman that likes to really get involved with her community and stay active. Of course, that woman requires a line of clothing that fits comfortably and will get her through the day and evening.

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Clothing For Modern Day Women
Kate Hudson truly believes that her athletic-wear line is perfect for the modern day woman that is very aware of health and fitness too. Her website was established to reach out to those women and encourage them to work toward reaching all their goals. Hudson relates that she always wanted affordable wear like leggings that were suitable for more than one occasion. She searched around and did not find anything suitable. Therefore, she decided the best course of action was to design her own line of clothing. Hudson relates that her interest in health and fitness started early. She is the product of a very health conscious and athletic family. This helped to spark her ideas about the company too. Hudson admits that it is extremely difficult to stay motivated to exercise. However, she hopes that her clothing line inspires women to stay active and exercise more.

About Fabletics
Fabletics is a line of athletic wear that was created by Kate Hudson. Their very affordable clothing has tapped into a market that needed to be filled. Fabletics is basically an online retail subscription site. They specialize in trendy athletic apparel. Fabletics offer women a really great deal on clothing. Those that become a VIP member receive a great discount on their first order. Their first outfit is only $25 and it is shipped to their home absolutely free. Afterwards, all outfits are still less than $50 for VIP members. Each month, the site will recommend an outfit for the VIP member. The member has the option to accept the outfit or skip a month. Joining Fabletics is easy. Simply visit the site and take the quiz. The quiz is designed to learn your style. Afterwards, receive customized outfits to select each month. Source:

The Life of Stephen Murray

In the financial and investment world there are certain people who leave a memorable mark. Stephen Murray, former chief executive officer of CCMP Capital Advisors was one of those individuals. Murray’s strategic decisions and unparalleled leadership led CCMP Capital Advisors to new heights.

Stephen Murray was born in a small suburb of New York City in Westchester County, New York. Throughout his life he always had a keen interest in finances and his studies led him to earn an undergraduate degree from Boston College.

He later went on to continue his education, earning a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University. His ideas on finances and his strong leadership skills were strongly developed as he attended these two prestigious universities. His peers and teachers instantly recognized the immense value of his ideas.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital began his professional career as a credit trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, a New York-based firm. Because of Murray’s strong skillset in the financial world, he soon rose to become the vice president of middle-market lending. His quick rise in the company was just a hint of what would become of Murray’s life.

After some time, Murray decided to make the jump to the leveraged finance unit of Manufacturers Hanover. Here, Stephen Murray was named the head of the buyout business. It was also here that Murray was able to demonstrate his keen investment skills, investing in middle-market opportunities.

As time went on, the leveraged finance unit of Manufacturers Hanover decided to split so that investment deals could be made with a greater level of independence. The result of the split was the formation of CCMP Capital Advisors, a professional investment group that assists individuals in investment decisions. Murray was chosen as CEO of the group and his continued leadership allowed the company to thrive.

Murray was also well known as a philanthropist, supporting many major foundations. He was particularly known for his generous donations to the Make-A-Wish foundation, The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Boston College, the Columbia Business School, and much more. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

His financial donations have helped thousands of people in need. During his career Murray also served as the vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College. He was also involved in direction of the Make a Wish Foundation, applying his excellent leadership skills to the non-profit world.

Appraising Danilo Diaz Granados’ Contribution to the Financial Services Industry

Diaz Granados is among the most prominent Latino entrepreneurs. He is credited for being the brains behind some of the most successful business. His highly successful career has similarly seen him work for some of the largest financial services firms. At the moment, he works at Fireman Capital where he is an Associate. Danilo’s success in the corporate domain is attributed to his attention to detail, and ability to deliver within deadlines.

At Babson College where he earned a degree in economics and entrepreneurship, Danilo’s sharp eye for business opportunities was noticed. His business acumen was thus nurtured, which explains why he has gone on to become one of the most successful corporate executives. He was particularly interested in research. The lessons learnt at Babson have gone a long way in helping him carry out demographic analysis, which has formed the spine of his entrepreneurial career.

Danilo began his career Private Equity Investing, a financial services firm headquartered in Miami. He started out as a junior accountant but quickly rose through the ranks due to his diligence. He is credited with helping the firm create an expansion blueprint, whose implementation he led. The success that he had saw him headhunted by Foreman Capital Partners, whom he joined in 2015. The appointment is strategic since the firm is bound to tap into his extensive experience in the industry.

Toys For Boys

Danilo had for a long time been passionate about luxury branding. His passion for luxury goods saw him co-found Miami based Toys for Boys. The luxury merchandise boutique deals in glamorous cars, watches and works of art. It mainly focuses high end shoppers. Besides the boutique, Danilo has been involved in film production over the past few years. So far, he has managed to produce a series of films known as Edge of Glory. These films have received notable success.

Besides film production, Danilo is involved in the business of supplying telecommunications equipment. The partnerships that he has managed to form during his career have come in handy in his entrepreneurial ventures. He has similarly undertaken to ensure that members of the Latino community are provided with exceptional media content.  For more on his film contributions, check out Danilo’s Vimeo.  Or for something from the man himself, check out Diaz Granados’ official blog.

Asian Culture, Face Masks, and Bubbles: Another Wengie Tutorial

The beauty industry is full of skepticism surrounding the effectiveness of certain products. Basically, what works and what is a total flop? Regardless what your beauty question may be, Wengie has your answers, and she certainly never limits her product trials to local items, but branches out overseas for products that focus on her Asian heritage. Her skincare tutorial using Japanese and Korean masks was interesting, informational, and exciting, due to the fact that a few lucky viewers scored some giveaways!

Ubukea-Na Bubble Clear Pack

This was the first mask the blogger tried out. In color, the substance was a deep green that sort of resembled slime, which is humorous because Wengie described the texture as being fairly slimy. Though she said the mask was difficult to spread and that using a spatula might have helped apply it easier, she was very enthusiastic when the mask began to bubble up! She continued to add more over a twenty-five-minute time span to experience maximum bubble capacity. She described it feeling as if carbonated water was on her face, and she even heard it bubbling. When the mask hardened and Wengie peeled it off, she was happy that, as she put it, “the mask waxed her hairy face.” Her immediately soft skin excited her, and she loved the excess junk that peeled off with the mask.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

This mask came with a spatula, so it was much easier to apply. Careful to avoid the eye area because the mask bubbles greatly over the span of three to five minutes, Wengie sat patiently. When it was time to remove the product, the label advised her to first pop the bubbles before washing her face. Again, her already flawless skin became even more perfect, and the audience could not wait to get ahold of these products, too!


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InnovaCare Health is offering a Solution in the Health Care Industry

Provision of healthcare services is the most important aspect of restoring health among various patients in America. Medicare Advantage is a service that is offered by preferred provider organizations and provides a substitute for the Medicare Parts A and B benefits. It extends its services that are provided by insurance companies that are commercialized, and they receive compensation through the federal government and they do not process claims through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Medicare Advantage Plans are classified as Part C since they include services that are not offered by the earlier Medicare plan such as prescribed Drug Benefit Plan. The federal government is entitled in making separate payments to plans for the provision of Part D benefits that includes drugs prescriptions. Most providers also incorporate the physician practice services to patients.

InnovaCare Health is one of the facilities that is dedicated to offering Medicare Advantage and patient practice services to their customers. It has a network of 7500 providers, and it operates in Puerto Rico where it offers two Medicare Advantage Plans. The Medicare Advantage plans that InnovaCare Health Inc. offers are not only geared towards providing comprehensive benefits to seniors, but they are also entitled to improve their general mental and emotional wellbeing.

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At InnovaCare Health, the primary aim is to protect the patients’ health, and they have always had this plan in their mission and values. Customer friendly and quick services are all geared toward improving the access of the physician practice services across North America. Healthcare has proved to be a challenge, and this is the gap that InnovaCare is planning to fill in today’s dynamic and complex health care management.

InnovaCare Health has been on the rise in the provision of quality services across North America. It has achieved through its leadership who believe that teamwork and innovative products are vital in the health care sector. Having clear goals and taking the patient as the priority leads to achieving the required results and goals. The management also believes in a better relationship between patient and the provider since it leads to well being and quick recovery of the patients.

InnovaCare Health is headed by Dr. Rick Shinto as the President and CEO. He has vast leadership skills of over 20 years in clinical and operational healthcare and having worked in the same position at Aveta Inc., and he was on the management board of InnovaCare Inc. previously. He has been vital in developing and ensuring that patients receive the right innovative products in the market. He is supported by Penelope Kokkinides as the Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope has extensive experience in developing clinical programs that are vital at the institution.

Both have worked at Aveta Inc. at also various positions and they are bringing much change in the health sector.

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Wen by Chaz is an incredible product

Great hair holds a mythical place in our society. The right hair can get you time with any person you want, and get you any interview. Women throughout the United States will do anything to get the hair they need. Thousands of products arrive on store shelves every year with major claims. Each product claims that it will give you absolutely perfect hair, but very few ever live up to that promise. WEN by Chaz might be the most hyped up hair product in recent memory. Stylists everywhere claim that Wen is getting ridiculous results for every client, but women are skeptical of these claims.
Bustle is an extremely popular media outlet among facebook millennials. They cover subjects that millennials care deeply about including technology, fashion, politics, and current events. Their willingness to speak the truth about issues have made them especially popular, and they also hire extremely great writers. One of the premiere writers for Bustle is Emily McClure.

Emily is an extremely talented journalist, but she has always struggled with her confidence. She struggles to get her hair to look just right at times, and she feels that it holds her back in her professional and personal life. She was excited to review Wen by Chaz. The first time she used the product she was shocked by how much she had to put in her hair. Wen requires a large amount of product to get results, but the final results were incredible. She posted pictures after using the product and she felt that this was the best her hair had looked in a long time. She continued using the product for a week, and at the end she knew that Wen was incredibly effective.

Wen by Chaz is a major difference maker for women everywhere. This total beauty available product is giving women the confidence they need to achieve their dreams.

Visit for more info.


Want a Better Reputation Online? Contact The Right People Today!

If you’re looking for a certain way to increase the positive attention and leads you are able to attain towards your website, then it may be necessary for you to improve your online reputation. Unfortunately, there are a vast array of businesses that are conducting their operations online, but due to past circumstances, are unable to draw in as many customers as they would be able to had certain bad “marks” not been left on their companies’ names. It is a horrible situation to be in for any business owner, especially if the products and/or services that are provided are of high quality, beneficial, and advantageous for their respective customer base. When competitors recognize a flaw in one’s history of provided services, they will take advantage of it every chance they get. Due to this reason, it is highly recommended for business owners who own online businesses to take the steps that are necessary towards cleaning up their brand’s name.

By choosing a reputation management service that has employed the most professional and skilled consultants available in the market, a business owner can have assurance in knowing that they have made the right decision of taking that first step of restoring their online reputation. Whether you are striving rise to the top of your respective field, or to simply create a better reputation for yourself so that you can have relief in running your business optimally, you can count on a consultant of one of the best reputation management services available. Today is the day that you should make that first step towards cleaning up your reputation. If you do not take the necessary steps towards restoring your company’s name, you may end up regretting it in the future.

There are many consultants available for restoring your online reputation, but what is the point of attaining the services of one that hasn’t necessarily acquired the necessary education, training, and skills to provide their clients with the absolute most optimal services that the service can provide? Make the right choice of hiring a reputation management consultant today!

Sam Tabar, Prominent Hedge Fund Attorney Moves To Schulte Roth & Zabel

Prominent hedge fund attorney, Sam Tabar, has been named senior associate at the international law firm, Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, working in their New York office. Tabar has a comprehensive background that has supported his representing a variety of alternative investment funds, like hedge funds, and other investment accounts.Tabar also has extensive and broad experience with compliance and regulatory matters, related to alternative investment funds, and will focus on expanding the firm’s Asia-based relationships. “This opportunity is exciting to work with an impressive team of attorneys and I’m looking forward applying my contributions to the firm’s continued success,” Tabar said on Twitter.

Before joining Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, Mr. Tabar was a senior attorney with Merrill Lynch & Co., heading up their Asia-Pacific sector. Bringing in a former attorney that led the Asia-Pacific region also weighs heavily with current and future investors. “It states a clear message that the fund regards their compliance seriously,” said one associate. In 2001, Tabor joined Merrill Lynch Hong Kong office, leading their capital introductions

Schulte Roth & Zabel, LLP law firm currently has locations in New York, Washington D.C. and London, and more than 100 attorneys who work exclusively with investment funds. Today, with a burgeoning Asian market, “investors demand more from their legal advisors,” says Tabor. Japan hedge funds are said to be outperforming other markets, therefore competitors are seeking extensive experience and quality training. shows Sam Tabar earned his BA degree from Oxford University, and is a 2001 graduate of Columbia Law School.

Mike Baur Brings 20 Years of Swiss Banking Experience to His Latest Venture

Just a couple days after the announcement of an agreement launched by the Swiss Sallfort private bank, a new portfolio of banking services is available for young wealthy clients.

New Bold Move by Sallfort
The new plan is quite bold to say the least. This private bank will introduce a new private banking service for their customers under the age of 40 years.

The brains behind this new innovative plan are two of the industries most influential banking minds. On one hand, former banking Switzerland CEO Mike Baur now heads the private bank at Sallfort. On the other side, we have the young investor and entrepreneur Patrick Liotard-Vogt. He is the principal shareholder and the chairman of ASMALLWORLD.

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Start Summiteer: 1500 viewers | 30 startups | 80 investors

Another Dropout Joins Fintech Rush

Developing Offers with Customers

Mike Baur is barely 40 years-old and his counterpart is not even 30 years-old yet, but the two combined are a force to be reckoned with. Both of these young entrepreneurs are quite sure they know the growing needs of their targeted clientele. These two have worked closely with their customers to make certain services offered to the younger clientele are in demand.

Their service package will consist of different modular elements which include a full range of many financial services, such as asset management, field of direct investments consulting, venture capital, as well as the one-on-one coaching of their clients. Mike Baur has worked as shareholder and managing director of Sallfort since 2012.

Like-Minded Customer Networking
A key element in the range is this networking of the like-minded customers wanting to exchange in a the “Young Investor’s Club” is they all share similar interests and likes. The core of communication in the “Private Banking Reloaded” is the newly implemented website that employs quite an innovative navigation system.

A Facebook profile will also be merged together with that “Private Banking Reloaded” site.

Response to Epochal Changes

An initial assessment does indicate this service package will be more than a marketing gimmick to draw-in young millionaires. It’s enormously diversified and it is extremely thoughtful. It connects with the younger customers and sets new standards in communication.

“Private Banking Reloaded” may well be viewed as the initial response to epochal changes in the industry of asset management.

There are many indications that Sallfort private bank combined with their new offers could be at the forefront in the next generation of private banking customers.

Learn more about Mike Baur: