Beneful: Four Delicious Dog Food Brands

Dogs need nutrition too, and that’s why Beneful has put together an extensive line of exceptionally healthy dog foods. Not only are these dog foods good for canines of any kind, they’re also formulated specifically to be desirable to the dogs that will eat them. What use is nutrition if it tastes horrible? It’s difficult to eat that which is undesirable. But if it tastes good, eating it is as easy as chewing and swallowing. The danger then jumps past nutrition and into too much eating! But that’s kind of on the owner. After all: dogs don’t have thumbs, and so have trouble breaking into the dog food bag! Below are four of Purina’s most well-liked dog food varieties. Their Beneful line is well-reviewed worldwide, and it’s easy to see why.

Beneful Originals: Dog Food With Real Salmon

Salmon is rich in Omega-3 oils. Omega-3 oils are good for a dog’s skin, and they’re also good for the healthy shine that is seen in many long-haired dogs. Healthy skin and hair are good for a dog’s longevity, and Salmon really helps make that possible. Beneful’s dry dog food includes succulent bits of chewy salmon as well as crunchy bits of kibble that dogs the world over have enjoyed for years. For dog owners that like salmon, why shouldn’t their dogs appreciate its deliciousness as well?

Beneful Originals: Dog Food With Real Beef and Egg

Egg is strong in protein, and so is beef. Eggs are kind of a wonder food that has been vetted by nutritionists on the world over for a long time. Why not allow the family dog to enjoy the benefit of egg protein as well? Only, it doesn’t make sense to feed them actual eggs that could go for human consumption. Beneful on twitter has provided a solution, allowing inexpensive eggs to have union with succulent bits of beef.

Beneful Originals: Dog Food With Real Chicken

Chicken is full of antioxidants. Beneful’s dry dog food with chicken has been specifically formulated to fit all the nutritional needs a dog may have, while simultaneously tasting great.

Beneful Dry Dog Food with Beef

Beef: it’s what’s for dinner–at least that was the popular ad campaign from yesteryear. Dog’s know how good beef is, and the rich anti-oxidants combined with formulated nutrition are a great way to ensure health in any canine.

Beneful dog foods are nutritious, delicious, and cost-effective. For the finest in dog foods, Purina is a premiere options.

Cleaning Up Your Google Results

In a time when information can easily be uploaded, traced, and found on huge search engines like Google, scrubbing unwanted information can be a pain. Here are a few tips on how to clean up your google search results and display only wanted information about yourself.

Make sure when you go to google yourself you’re logged out of Google itself. If you don’t log out you get personalized results instead of the view from a general person searching your name. In the first few pages of search results flag any content you want removed. Social media photos and information can be removed by you by deleting or changing your privacy settings. If there are negative press articles and blog posts you may not get them removed but there are a few steps to make it so it goes unseen by the public eye.

Develop new content to change the results Google comes up with since Google searches for updated content. Find data brokers, people who scour the internet for information, and opt out of their services. Lastly, call sites and ask for them to remove your photos politely. If they refuse you have the option of getting an attorney involved.

If you find yourself in need of more help cleaning up your online profile, Status Labs is a PR firm that specializes in online presence. Their expert team is well trained in handling crises in the fast paced world of online media. They ensure that your Google search results are nothing but positive and work hard to bury everything negative deep in the void of Google. They can delete negative pictures, rebuild social media profiles and negotiate with sites hosting negative content.

Status Labs can also help you build your online presence if you’ve yet to establish one. By ensuring positive media coverage, blog posts, social media profiles and pictures they enhance your public reputation. They’ve worked with politicians, public figure heads, Fortune 500 companies and new start ups. Everything is online, from reviews to resumes, so make sure your presence is a positive one with the help of Status Labs.

How To Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

It is easy to forget while frolicking with a new puppy that one day they will get older in age. All dogs become adults eventually and as they enter their senior years you need to pay special attention to their care. Showing signs of age is not necessarily a bad thing in a dog, but it does mean that you need to learn a bit about senior dog care.

Dogs usually start to show a change in age when they hit seven to 12 years of age. At this point a few things start to change and you need to be prepared. First of all, you can help ease your dog’s transition into old age by making sure that you have been feeding them a good diet.

They should be eating a great dog food such as Beneful for their life. Beneful on twitter and Purina have an entire range of foods to make sure that dogs get the proper nutrition. Proper nutrition sets a dog up for a long life and less health issues as they age. They should start with puppy food and then as they age move onto the Beneful Adult dog foods. Beneful has playful adult and regular adult varieties to ensure that your dog gets the nutrients they need based on breed and activity level.

Second, you want to know about the common heath issues on seniors face so that you can address them as they arise. Dental problems, obesity, intestinal problems, and loss of muscle mass can all affect older dogs. Some things you cannot do anything about such as muscle mass, but other things such as dental problems can be treated at a vet’s office.

Some of things you can prevent such as obesity. As a dog ages they are more likely to put on body fat which can lead to slowed metabolism. You can avoid this by making sure your dog eats a diet with highly digestible protein from Beneful. You also might to enrich your dog’s diet with antioxidants such a beta-carotene and Vitamin E which have both been found to help reduce free radicals that can cause issues in a dog’s body.

What Is QNet?

As the year 2015 continues to unfold, online shopping is becoming more and more prevalent. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that many people enjoy the ability to buy the products they want and need from the privacy of their living room. In recognizing this reality, many online businesses have emerged to meet the needs of customers by offering them the ability to purchase goods via internet. QNet is one such company. Learn more about who they are and what they do by reading the following information:

What Is QNet?

QNet is an online shopping center that offers customers the ability to buy the goods they want and need via internet. The company was established in 1998 in Asia. As one of the fastest growing online companies in the world, QNet is attracting attention from both consumers and individuals who are interested in becoming independent representatives for the business.

The Business Opportunity

The business opportunity of QNet is structured as a multi-level marketing endeavor. Independent representatives sign up, purchase products, and then begin selling them to customers within their social networks. Independent representatives are also free to market the products to people outside of their social networks through various networking and business mechanisms. In addition to selling products, independent representatives (IR) actively recruit new business owners who will duplicate this entire process. The IR who recruited the new IR will receive a percentage of the revenue that the recruit attains through selling products and bringing more team members aboard. The MLM model is attractive to individuals who believe they possess the internal motivation and skill set to recruit and sell. Those who recruit and sell successfully have the potential to garner an unlimited income rather than being confined to traditional salary constraints in which raises may not be predicated on performance.

The Products

QNet offers a wide range of products designed to enhance and optimize the lives of consumers. The wellness line includes a product called FibreFit. FibreFit is a supplemental good that people can add to foods like oatmeal in order to meet their daily requirement for fiber intake. The product is important given that studies indicate people all over the world fail to achieve optimal health due to a lack of fiber. In the US alone, 8 out of 10 Americans do not get enough fiber in their daily diet.

In addition to offering wellness products, QNet provides goods in the fields of personal care, home optimization, fashion accessories, and luxury.


QNet is a company that offers both entrepreneurs and consumers the opportunities to enjoy its products and become business owners. To decide whether you’re interested in utilizing the company’s goods or becoming an independent representative, you can visit their website ( and obtain more information.

Characters Of A Good Lawyer And Why Ricardo Tosto Is Such

Lawyers play a very integral role in keeping society in order. They create laws that govern, respect and protect all members of the community. Since time in memorial, lawyers have always existed though they were not as pronounced as these days. Today, lawyers are an integral part of the professional elite and their services are in very high demand owing to the fact that society is changing at a very fast rate.

In today’s world, lawyers belong to the creme de la creme of the most learned professionals. They undergo a lot of training in order to eventually begin practicing. When they start practicing, they act on behalf of their clients in a variety of cases of different nature. In typical instances, a lawyer represents the client’s needs before the adjudicating authority that is normally the court.

For someone to become an efficient lawyer, a lot is required. First of all, one must be willing to put in many hours of hard work. A lawyer must also be very efficient when it comes to research because it is a very important component when prepping a case. Lawyers also need to be very eloquent when presenting their argument so as to be clearly understood by the adjudicating authority. A lawyer must also have the unique ability to go though large volumes of information and come out with important information that can be useful.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto belongs to the creme de la creme of Brazilian lawyers who are seasoned. He is not your ordinary lawyer and has in the past served very many prominent personalities and companies as their official legal adviser in different matters. He is a co-founder and partner at a prominent Brazilian firm and is always ready to offer professional advice in matters related to election law, business restructuring, acquisition review, power concessions and many other areas.

Tosto is a member of different boards that are related with legal affairs both national and international. In the firm, he is solely responsible for overseeing that all cases that need special input and attention are accorded exactly that. He has also mentored very many young lawyers to becoming lawyers of repute in the country. Ricardo Tosto’s legal mind is not only confined to the office, court and offering legal advice to his clients, he is also a noted political writer whose articles are published in different magazines and newspapers. Find him on Facebook to see more. He is a perfectionist at what he does precisely the reason he is currently at the top.

The Function Of The US Money Reserve.

The value of major world currencies changes depending on prevailing economic times. Over the centuries, major currencies have emerged, dominated and vanished. Today the world economy relies on the Dollar as the default global currency mainly because of its relative stability. Other currencies include the British Pound, Japanese Yen and the Euro.
However, the discovery of precious metals such as gold, silver, diamond and platinum gave a whole new meaning to the use of reserve currency. Since the 19th century, gold standards have been used to store and retain the value of major world currencies. These measures are taken to safeguard the economies from the instabilities of tough economic times such as the great depression and recession.
In the last century, a team of gold trade veterans came together to form a money reserve with the aim of reaping the benefits associated with ownership of precious metals. Many decades later in the year 2002, the organizations officially evolved into the great US money reserve. The reserve accounts for the leading distributor of government issued Gold and silver coins in the US.
The Us Money Reserve has assisted millions of clients to make informed decisions and achieve profitability over the years. Their excellent customer service and unmatched market understanding give them monopoly powers.
The reserve was registered as a privately held company with main offices in Austin, Texas. The reserve employs experts in marketing, shipping, vault operations and inventory. Other specialists dealing in the quality assurance of the precious metals are hired.
The high stakes company has gained the trust of the US population over the years owing to its comprehensive understanding of Gold markets. Through its stewardship, citizens acquire an assortment of Gold, Silver, Platinum coins and bullions that retain value for years. Owners can choose to deposit them with the reserve of taking them for personalized safe keeping.
The company enlists the help of its marketing department to engage with clients. To them, business is not just about buying and selling. The US Money Reserve fosters productive customer relationships. The relationship starts by identifying and understanding the individual client needs. The organization also assumes the responsibility of educating the general public on the precious metal market.
The enlightenment of the masses gives the organization credibility. Most firms, especially in the financial industry, take advantage of the ignorance among the public. The reserve’s concern for the public does not stop there; they have a sound social responsibility strategy designed to invest in communities.

Major Achievements in Eric Pulier’s Administration

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is a multinational corporation committed to offering information technology and professional services. CSC clients range from commercial enterprises, US federal government to state and non US governments. With its huge number of staff in 70 countries, CSC is among the leading IT service providers throughout the world. During the administration of Eric Pulier, CSC has made significant progress in offering IT services. As a result CSC has become a leader in data center, infrastructure utility and outsourcing services.

Eric Pulier is an author and an entrepreneur in Los Angele’s. His entrepreneurial skills emerged when he founded a company known as People Doing Things that used technology to address many issues such as education and health care. He later founded Interactive Agency Digital Evolution a company that later merged with US Interactive LLC. His efforts are further seen when he lead in building a social network that allowed children with chronically illness to connect with others who share such experiences by chatting and posting content. He is a founder of many ventures and a co-author in Understanding Enterprise SOA. Pulier is also a philanthropy. He is a donor to many non-profit organizations and a board member of various philanthropic groups.

In the administration of Eric Pulier, CSC has made huge progress in the field technology. First, CSC has been recognized as one among the 20 leading and promising companies in data analytic consulting. CSC has also been found to be a leader globally in IDC Market Scape. Computer Sciences Corporation have also earned confidence and trust from its clients in cyber security and consulting solutions. This is because it is secure for their clients to safely open their systems to their business partners and customers.

CSC has also been able to offers great opportunities through big data and analytic insights. This is a major step in the right direction, since the world of data is going through great challenges from the amount of data produced to the way it is integrated and used. Since the marketplace is moving so quickly, CSC is also being agile for new facility through cloud environment. The IT organizations stands in two worlds. One provides reliability and efficiency while the other calls for innovation and agility. The CSC application services has helped their clients become successful in both, as well as acting like a bridge to transform their businesses.

These major achievement in CSC have been notable in the administration of Pulier. Through this, CSC celebrates the unbelievable accomplishments in its different technologist programs.

Beneful Dog Food Is Making Dogs Dreams Come True

Throughout 2015 Beneful dog food is supporting and working with community leaders and fundraising groups to bring new dog parks to life. According to an article in PR Newswire, the Beneful team is celebrating its fifth year of the, It’s Dream Dog Park program to create new dog parks or improve existing ones across the United States. They are enlisting financial support or hands-on volunteerism and along with their dog park expertise; hope to reach even more dog-loving communities to find new projects or improve an existing one. In 2010, The Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest enhanced the lives of dogs in four different Dream Dog Parks in; Alabaster, AL, Johns Creek, GA, Lancaster, PA and Prescott, AZ. The team is now looking across the country to find new winners for this year’s project. The four parks that won last year’s contest of making their dog’s dream come true had custom features included in their parks like; Beneful’s Doxie Tunnel, colorful splash pads, tennis ball launching tree and over-sized food ingredient obstacles. When they have chosen this year’s winners the team will again work with the communities to share knowledge on dog park safety as well as volunteer time to work bring the dog parks dreams to life. In St. Louis, MO the Lucas Park Dog Park is receiving a makeover by the Beneful team as part of this program. The park will be renovated to include dog friendly turf and a Beneful Doxie Tunnel. The team and their dogs will add other improvements to this park so that St. Louis dogs and their owners can come to the park and enjoy its benefits together. Beneful brand director, Brent Gleckler says they have realized that every dog park is a Dog’s Dream Dog Park and they want to share their knowledge and expertise to create spaces in communities that four legged friends and their owners can share together. Source: Beneful Dream Dog Park Project


Generosity is a fundraising campaign that rallies people across America and the world in a collection of donations that will help the needy among solving other social problems. The fundraiser that also operates online has claimed to be free, their goal being community support. The fundraiser gives the opportunity to all interested parties that can donate. The fundraiser proceeds are used to maintain and grow other small community charities and other operating costs.

Recently, a CrowdRise fundraiser was started in Denver by Jon Urbana to support the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society, mainly focusing on orphaned cats in the area. Situated in Denver Colorado, the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is seen as the best place to harbor these orphaned cats.

Behind the fundraiser is Jon Urbana, who says on his WordPress blog that he just retired from professional lacrosse to pursue other ventures like Ellipse USA, where he now heads up business development activities.

Through his Crowdrise fundraising campaign, he has been supporting the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society and has been very vocal on Twitter in drumming up support for his drive.

The society’s goal is to provide these cats with a safe environment before they find suitable owners. Jon has admitted on to having a soft spot for cats and is asking for financial support on his Facebook page to help him in his cause. In his native area, Denver, he is widely recognized together with his partnership with the ARAS.

Jon, who started off as a lacrosse player in high school, is a businessperson and co-founded the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which provides education to young upcoming lacrosse players. The camps are held in Colorado. Jon became a good lacrosse player and won awards among other praises for his performance while playing for the Villanova Wildcats in the defensive position. He was then offered a spot on the Jr. Olympics ski team.

Born in 1982, he attended a school in Denver East where he majored in Economics. Jon is also an electronic music artist who has also dedicated his time to offering support and advice to young lacrosse players, both women and men. He has shown his undying support for the ARAS fundraiser to the extent where if one searches his name on the Crowdrise internet site, he/she will be directed to the ARAS charity fund. He is also a Tumblr fan who uses his page to advocate for the taking care of cats.

The Financial Industries Biggest Blunder: Kyle Bass

The financial industry is full of smart and analytical people. Most do good for their clients and the economy. However, some are only out to line their own pockets. This is apparently the case with hedge fund manger Kyle Bass. He was recently featured in an article on a website and his many blunders were outlined in detailed.

Kyle Bass gained fame when he correctly guessed the housing market crash that happened in 2008. Kyle soon found himself being interviewed on various newscasts and talk shows. He was very happy to share his advice and predictions on what would happen in the financial industry’s future. However, he has been wrong ever since 2008.

The Kyle Bass: The frantic investments of a desperate gambler article goes on to list various activities that Kyle Bass has done to really mess up his reputation and career. One of the worst things he has done is publicly trying to shift blame from General Motors to the victims of equipment failure. Bass was also caught in a scheme where he was short selling stock for pharmaceutical companies under a ruse called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. It is known that Kyle Bass, and his partner, did nothing in this illegal coalition except line their own pocketbooks.

Other financial blunders of Kyle’s are listed in the recent article on Defending Argentina’s default on their sovereign debt and blaming others are among these blunders. The article reports he also has ties to a lawsuit involving Chris Kyle’s widow for unethical behaviors.

Most hedge fund managers never find their way to the television. However, Kyle Bass did with his fifteen minutes of fame predicting the subprime mortgage crisis. The notoriety of this prediction has become his downfall though. Now ever bad choice he makes is clearly outlined for the entire world to see. Kyle should definitely learn to take a backseat, but recent articles show he just likes the spotlight a little too much.