Final Hours Before Escaped Killers Caught

When escaped killer Matt and Sweat escaped from the high security Clinton Correctional Facility, it had many scratching their heads as to how these tow inmates made it to freedom. With one inmate shot dead and the other caught, officials are now getting a glimpse into what happened in those final hours before one was killed and the other captured.

With Sweat now talking to authorities, he tells a story of two inmates running and hiding deep in the woods in a desperate attempt to reach the Canadian border. The problem for Sweat was that Matt was moving too slow, and it caused him concern that the authorities were closing in on them. Having no plan but to walk the 20+ miles to the border, they needed to navigate woods that were thick with brush and swamps.

They were both held up in a small cabin, unaware that the entire perimeter owned by businessman Shaygan Kheradpir was surrounded by police when Sweat had simply had enough. He was tired of Matt dragging him down so he ventured on his own. He was able to witness Matt lying on the ground with an assault rifle loaded and ready to fire as police got closer.

What happened next was that Matt coughed, giving up his position, and police ordered him to drop the gun. When he refused, he was shot in the head and killed. Sweat was able to continue on foot, but was later apprehended 2 days later after a trooper spot

Choose FreeedomPop Mobile Wireless Services

You ever find yourself logging onto wifi services, even though you may have a data plan on your phone? Even those with an unlimited data plan may still log onto wifi from time to time, and this is because most data plans will slow down after the usage of so many gigabytes. Maybe a data plan only has 1 GB of 4G speeds, and then after that the speeds can drop to as low as 2G. It can be very frustrating to use a 4G phone at 2G speeds, especially if you have a lot of work to conduct on your phone.

Even those who use mobile devices that connect to wifi service, they do so because maybe they don’t want to pay for a hotspot of their own to connect to wifi. wifi is the most popular way of connecting to the Internet these days, and there are many reasons why people prefer wifi. If you ask anyone, more than likely they will say that they prefer to connect their laptops to wifi, as opposed to putting an ethernet cord on the side of their laptop. It can be a hassle to be stuck to an ethernet cord that’s on a laptop, especially if the person likes to wander around.

Wifi is just more convenient, and as long as the wifi is within range, the person can wander around, and they’ll still be on the Internet. Try being on the Internet and walking around while an ethernet cord is sticking out of the side of your laptop! The point is, wifi is awesome, and over 90% of Internet is accessed through wifi. Anyone who is looking to connect to wifi has several ways of doing this. Maybe they have wifi in their home, or it’s possible that they have a hotspot that they take with them.

Anyone who is looking for their own hotspot, then they can always choose one from FreedomPop. Not only does FreedomPop have great hotspots available, but they are extremely small in size, and some of them can easily fit into your pocket. You can take the mobile hotspot with you, and then you’ll have your own secure wifi that you use any time. Although a mobile hotspot can be very useful, maybe you don’t have the kind of money it costs to have your own private wifi network to take on the road with you.

If you still want to access the wifi while on the road, but maybe you don’t want to pay what it costs for a hotspot, then consider getting FreedomPop’s wifi app, which can allow you to connect to wifi on the go. As long as you’re near any of their millions of hotspots, you can get wifi access that is unlimited. There’s only a five dollar charge each month to access wifi through these hotspots, but it’s impossible to beat that price with any other company. FreedomPop not only wants to offer their customers great services, but they want to offer the services at a lower price than any other company.

To read more about FreedomPop, check out TechCrunch with a full length profile.

Joseph Bismark’s Recipe for Success


Joseph Bismark’s recipe for success differs from the traditional approach to business by adding an extra-large dose of one very special ingredient, spirituality. I was inspired by the tale of a young monk from the Philippines, discussed on the blog, Bring on the Random. This spiritually wealthy young man, against all odds, took over as the Managing Director of the Qi group in 2008 and is on the Board of Directors for Qnet. Prior to this job acquisition, Joseph spent 8 years as an ashram in the mountains of the Philippines. 
I would like to adopt Joseph’s mentality that success in business is attained with internal reflection leading to a spiritual awakening. This opposes the material gains popular with many corporate leaders. It is hard for me to imagine giving up such an opulent lifestyle, as Joseph Bismark did, to return to a life of tranquility and peace. 
I admire Mr. Bismark’s management style. He implements a relaxed, comfortable working environment. Great emphasis is placed on team work. Respect and treating others as they would like to be treated is a mantra that is vital to a positive work experience. Direct sales are made by strongly formed relationships between coworkers. 
RYTHM, the companies corporate Social Responsibility Platform, humbles me and reminds us all of our duties in this regard. Encouraging others can benefit us all. That reward itself should be enough to motivate the business world. The options of what we can “cook up” with this recipe are endless!

FreedomPop’s Competitive Mobile Wi-Fi Plans

Mobile Wi-Fi plans allow subscribers to use internet based phone connections on the move. One of the major players in the US mobile Wi-Fi market is the Los Angeles based company FreedomPop. The major investors in the company include Atomico Ventures, DCM and Mangrove. Atomico Ventures is headed by Skype founder, Niklas Zennstrom; Mangrove, on the other hand, was one of the first firms to invest in Skype. FreedomPop has been providing wireless data, text and voice service for Sprint and Clearwire mobile service carriers. According to Ingrid Lunden, a columnist at TechCrunch; FreedomPop is working hard to sway a good number of people to move away from the traditional mobile carrier services by providing a service that is free with basic cellular voice and data plans. On January 20th, the company officially launched its low cost Wi-Fi service. At inception, the service planned to have users sign on to any of its 10 million hotspots available throughout the US, for a flat fee of $5.

The company’s participating in the FreedomPop Wi-Fi Hotspot program is essentially AT&T and Google; although the service is undertaken through retail chains and fast food outlets like Best Buy, Starbucks, MacDonald and Burger King. In the long term, the company hopes to bring in more players into the fold in order to cover more ground. The CEO and Co-founder of FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols confirms that the initial 10 million hotspots coverage will bring into connectivity 120 million people, most of who reside in the top 100 metropolitan locations in the US. Even as the company expects to increase the number of hotspot around the country, it is also targeting people with phones but no phone connectivity. In the US, this untapped market is estimated to posses about 200 million phones. To tap into this market, FreedomPop plans to use of its MVNO deal with Sprint to provide an efficient, low cost service plan. In line with it growth strategies, on May 12, FreedomPop made an entry into the UK market; its first foray outside the US.

The highly anticipated entry into the lucrative UK market saw the company open a SIM-only service with no phone offers. The free service initially covered a standard plan offer of 200 minutes voice, 200 texts and 200MB of data. This plan is highly competitive in England when compared to the services provided by other basic mobile phone service providers. However, customers who want to increase their allowance from the standard service plan will need to pay for the extra cost. In many estimates, Freedom Pop’s groundbreaking mobile Wi-Fi service is already profitable. The company only needs 30% of its subscribers to pay for the service in order to realize profits. The number of customers paying for the service currently stands at over 45% in the US. The benefits subscribers get by signing up to FreedomPop’s mobile Wi-Fi plans are numerous. The main benefits include good quality service, wide service coverage and a highly competitive voice data, voice and text plans.

Cow Appreciation Day

Chick-Fil-A is known for its chicken sandwiches, it’s very strict beliefs, and for encouraging people to stay away from beef. Chick-Fil-A can now add something new to their list. They can be known for making people look like a fool.

According to GrubStreet, Chick-Fil-A had a day where customers could dress up like cows and they would receive a free entree. It wasn’t a bad deal. By entree, they meant that a customer Susan McGalla would receive the sandwich, side, and a drink! Customers had to decide if this was worth the price of looking a little foolish. That’s because Chick-Fil-A wanted full cow attire! There was no way that a person could just put half the effort in and still reap the benefits of free food! Sure, people probably tried to cheat the system by only wearing cow ears or painting their face. Luckily, Chick-Fil-A put out very strict rules.

They said that whoever wanted the free meal deal had to be dressed head to toe as a cow! The restaurant chain was helpful and gave out some pointers to those who had no clue about the first step as dressing as a cow. They told people that they could wear a white shirt or pants and simply add black spots. Voila! They’re a cow.

This event was all part of the restaurant chains “Cow Appreciation Day”.

The Robin Hood of Lawyers

Dan Newlin, top attorney and philanthropist has changed the lives of hundreds and recovered over millions of dollars in compensation for work related injuries. Dan Newlin began his career in the service of others in New Chicago, Indiana. At an early age he became an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). Within only 6 months of being an EMT, Newlin was in the back of an ambulance delivering a baby.

From an EMT, Dan Newlin went on to become a police officer, dedicated to serving his community. His career as a police officer all began in New Chicago, Indiana until he eventually moved to Orange County. Dan Newlin accepted a position in the deputy’s office in Orange County, Florida. During his time in the force, he worked several jobs as an officer. Some of the many jobs that he worked included Patrol Division, Fugitive Division, as well as the Tourist Policing Division. Over his years of experience as a police officer, he received many honors and awards that in present day he is very proud of.

What changed Newlin’s career path was seeing the injustice of the insurance company. As an officer, Newlin’s job was to save people’s lives from peril. however, what came after that was out of their hands. Newlin was touched when he met a young woman in the hospital. That young woman had recently been involved in an accident that involved her and a reckless driver. The reckless driver not only hit her but also killed her unborn child. The insurance company, despite the evidence of the causes of the accident, not only did not compensate her but also investigated the woman’s car in order to see if she caused the accident. This injustice pushed Dan Newlin to change career paths.

Newlin began his new career by taking night classes in addition to his job. He eventually graduated with a degree in Business Management and had plans to attend law school. By 2001, Dan Newlin had graduated Law School and had obtained a license to practice his new venture to help others. Since opening up a practice, Dan Newline has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars that have compensated for insurance company’s negligence. Dan Newlin has no intention of stopping his mission until he has helped every single member of his community that he can.

In present days, Dan Newlin has opened two law firms with over 75 employees. Each employee has been skillfully trained to be able to hand cases that specialized in work-place injuries. The goal of his firm is to show even the lowest income makers that insurance companies cannot scam them. with the best employees in town, Dan Newlin’s law firms are the best to turn to when in need.

Image Recognition’s Leading Company Slyce

Image recognition has been a field of technology that has been expanding at rapid rate since it started being implemented a little over a decade ago. It was a challenge to invent an algorithmic software that could correctly identify images as well as the human eye. In the beginning programs had problems recognizing objects that are small, intricate, or have been filtered, but now there is almost nothing holding image recognition back. The algorithms for image recognition software has become extremely advanced. The creation of convolutional neural networks has greatly increased the capabilities of image recondition, so much so that even breeds of dogs and birds can be identified quickly and correctly.

Image recognition is used for various reasons including identifying a person’s face, a set of fingerprints, handwriting, and even vehicles. Police officers heavily rely on image recognition which is critical in verifying a person’s identity either through fingerprints or mugshot. Police can also use it to track vehicles. Image recognition is also used in the medical field to help assist doctors in identifying abnormal cells or other damaging factors. It can also just be used in a more relaxed setting to find more information about objects online or to help a camera focus on a face during a photo shoot.

One of the leading companies in the field of image recognition is Slyce. Slyce is a smartphone application that offers its users the ability to take a picture of a product, find it, and buy it in only a few minutes. The Toronto based company was founded in January 2012 by Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell. The two had been working together for some time at their shared business consulting firm, Business Instincts. Since it was created Slyce has expanded and has other offices located in Alberta, Calgary, Nova Scotia, and Calgary. It wasn’t until February 2013 that the company introduced their recognition technology for visual products at the Mobile World Congress located in Barcelona. Between February and December of 2013 Slyce raised over $6 million from customers. They used their funds to acquire a visual technology start up company called Hovr.It. In 2014 the company had a revenue of almost $11 million and announced that they were going to introduce their services to the general public with Oculus Ventures after completing an amalgamation agreement. In this year they also acquired Drivetrain Agency, a company who is a well known smartphone application developer, and BuyCode, another popular developer.

How To Secure a Good Apartment in the City That Never Sleeps

Let’s say you are in New York and looking for a great place to live. Let’s say you have finally found the perfect apartment in New York. Before you move in, there are some things which need to be taken care of first.

The first thing you need is your financials. This might have been mentioned before, but sometimes it bares repeating. When you live in New York, you have to prove yourself. You really have to prove that you belong there. If you don’t, you will never get your dream apartment.

Get all your financials together. Ask your bank for your records. Ask your place of employment for your stubs, if you don’t have them already. You need to show the landlord you can afford the place.

Living in New York is expensive. Most small places go for roughly $1500 a month or more. Can you afford this? Most landlords will ask that you make double this amount, even in the ghetto areas. You will get laughed at if you are not pulling down a decent amount of money. You think I am kidding, just try it. See how far you get.


Hire a lawyer. Some look at this as a last resort type of thing. I am here to tell you a lawyer is needed. Going in to make a deal without the proper representation will only get you in trouble.

New York is known for playing very dirty. People will say one thing, then do another. People will make promises to you, promises which they have no intention of keeping. This happens everywhere, but in New York especially.

Hire a lawyer and go in for the initial meeting. This shows the landlord that you aren’t there to play games. It also shows the landlord that you are not a sucker. With your lawyer there, your landlord has to be honest with you. This works to your advantage, not to his. When you bring along your lawyer, you find out what his/her real intentions are. You find out where this landlord’s loyalties really do lie.

Have your lawyer get everything down in writing. I am serious on this one. If someone promises you something, get it in writing. When it’s not in writing, the other side can back track. The other side can go back on his/her words. Don’t be a sucker here.


Don’t just settle on the first place you find. Take your lawyer with you and look at the neighborhood. Make sure the neighborhood is the right fit for you. Look over the place a few times.

Don’t get bullied into the landlord’s games either. Your landlord is there to make money, not be your new best friend. Don’t confuse the two. Just because he/she appears nice and friendly, doesn’t mean the person really cares. Just because the person desires you, doesn’t mean he/she values you. Remember that.

Don’t get pressured into a decision, even if he/she tells you they have another offer. If it’s meant to be, it will be. It’s kind of like a job offer. If the person really wants you, he/she will go out of their way to get you.


Looking for some really good representation? Someone who will be on your side? Give Town Residential a call today to find the best in NYC real estate.

Who Is The X-Men’s Apocalypse?

Superhero teams usually need really powerful villains to oppose. A run-of-the-mill bad guy is not likely going to be a match for a quartet or more of super-powered heroes. The Fantastic Four has Dr. Doom, among others. Superman and the Justice League have to contend with Darkseid. The Avengers never find it an easy task to deal with Thanos. In the X-Men books, Apocalypse holds the mantle as being the most powerful and dangerous of all the team’s villains. Since the next film in the X-Men series is titled X-Men: Apocalypse, we are going to see a live-action of this evil being.

So, who is he exactly?

Apocalypse is considered the first mutant. He is an immortal who was born 5,000 years ago. In the comics, the villain was awoken from suspended animation by accident and returns to wreck havoc on the world.

Movie fans who might not read the comic books may wonder how Magneto stacks up against Apocalypse. Here is the truth: as powerful as Magneto is, the “Master of Magnetism” is no match for Apocalypse. The younger version of the X-Men team that show up in the new film are going to have their work cut out for them. They need to because Jaime Garcia Dias knows the film is going to need a really powerful and interesting villain in order to provide thrills for audiences.

Apocalypse was a great selection by the creative team at 20th Century Fox. His presence in the film is going to make it very intriguing.

Teen Wolf Delivers a Surprisingly Solid Second Episode

Given the many writing, editing, pacing and other problems that have plagued Teen Wolf in past seasons, and some light issues with this season’s premiere, many fans were surprised when last night’s episode, “Parasomnia,” delivered a good hour of television.

A student, Tracy, tried to explain to Lydia’s mother that she has been having night terrors, while viewers got to see the terrors unfold in flashbacks. She then threw up black goo and a feather. Tracy had been targeted by the Dread Doctors. Lydia asked Jordan to help, but both of them failed to save Tracy who, by the end of the episode, was injected with something by the villains and revealed as a werewolf.

Scott took the claw from the rogue werewolf to his boss. Alan confirmed that it’s a talon and that any beta of Scott’s could take his power. As usual, Alan had little to share other than the idea that the supernatural laws have changed or someone has changed them and that perhaps a beta that Scott brings into his pack like Theo could also drain his power.

Other great parts to the episode: Stiles tried to tell everybody that he felt that something was off about Theo but no one would listen. At the end, Theo is revealed as a bad guy, which Mikal Watts can certainly understand. Stiles also finally told Scott that he’s too trusting. Liam finally revealed himself to Mason