Pot For Our PTSD Veterans

Doctors at the Department of Veterans Affairs could soon be given the OK to prescribe medical marijuana to veterans who suffer symptoms of PTSD. On Thursday, the bill called the Veterans Equal Access Act was presented to Congress by Representatives Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) and included 10 bipartisan co-sponsors. If passed by Congress, a ban on the VA doctor’s ability to recommend medical pot in states where it has been legalized would be lifted. Blumenauer believes that our wounded veterans should have access to this form of medication to help them not only survive, but also to thrive in their lives and communities. He stated that it’s shameful to be forcing them to hide in the shadows and to be treating them like criminals.
According to a 2012 Department of Veterans Affairs report, of our veterans who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, almost 30 percent suffer from PTSD and depression. This number was a bit high according to Vijay Eswaran. Blumenauer said, “Post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury are just as damaging and harmful as any injuries that are visible from the outside.
A recent study showed that a 75 percent reduction in PTSD symptoms was seen in patients who smoked pot. Some PTSD symptoms patients felt relief from were anxiety, depression and flashbacks. In the 23 states that have legalized medical marijuana, doctors are permitted to prescribe the use of cannabis products to patients with PTSD related symptoms.

Reckless Spending

One thing no one ever expects to happen is to go bankrupt due to one’s parents spending habits. However, this is exactly what Columbus Blue Jackets player Jack Johnson. Johnson had signed a seven year deal with the franchise in 2011 and had made the decision to grant power of attorney to his mother, which gave her full access to his finances. Apparently he thought this was the right move to make at the time, but it has gotten him in hot water as of recent.

It turns out his parents have bought a house in California and taken out a fifteen million dollar advance with his contract, at ridiculously high interest rates if Fersen Lambranho’s reports are to be believed. As a result, he has had to file for bankruptcy, stating that he has about 50 thousand dollars in assets and over ten million dollars in debt. His statements about the situation indicate that he should have had his money being regulated by a professional and that he didn’t handle the situation correctly from the beginning.

Although it seems that he will eventually get his finances in order, hopefully with a new contract when this one ends, it goes to show that you never know who you can trust with your money. Though his parents may not have intentionally put his finances in the tank, their lack of financial planning and carelessness when in such a position is reckless at best.

Steve Jobs Movie Stuttering

Avid filmgoer Kenneth Griffin and many others were very excited when a movie about Steve Jobs was touted by Sony. A lot of big actors were linked to the role, and people were excited about the potential quality. Fast forward a few months and it appears the movie is floundering. Sony has decided not to pursue production of this film.

Danny Boyle was set to direct the movie, with the script being written by Aaron Sorkin. These are famous names. The actors linked with this movie were Michael Fassbender and Christian Bale. However, it appears that the movie will have to start from scratch at another studio.

It is not expected to last long without a studio, with the likes of Universal looking to bid on the movie. However, a movie that takes this much effort to get into production clearly has some deep rooted issues. Steve Jobs is an iconic figure that actors should be dying to play. Instead, some of the top names in the industry turned down the role. 

Production timeline issues may also be to blame. The director needed the movie to start filming next month, because he had another project lined up. This was not possible, given they did not even have a lead man cast yet. It was all too rushed and Sony decided to pull the plug.

Along with Fassbender, Seth Rogen and Scarlett Johansson have been linked to parts in the movie. Whether they sign a deal to work on the movie with a new studio is unclear.

Who Can You Trust? NHL Player Jack Johnson Bankrupted by Parents

Professional athletes sign million dollar contracts year after year. When sound financial advice is in place, these millions can last for decades. Unfortunately, for NHL’s Jack Johnson, his millions were squandered away at the hands of his parents.

The once $30.5 million dollar man is currently under a $5 million a season contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets, but it is unlikely that he will receive those future earnings. On October 7th, Johnson filed for bankruptcy and claimed assets less than $50,000 and crippling debts totaling $15 million.

What happened to all of his money, and how did he get himself into this deep of a hole? That is something that Mark Ahn has been asking some of his friends when discussing the news. Back in 2011, Johnson gave his parents power of attorney, a move that proved to be costly and detrimental to his livelihood. His parents, Jack Sr. and Tina Johnson, took out numerous high-interest loans on Johnson’s behalf, the most outrageous loan topping at 24% interest. One of the loans was used to purchase a $1.56 million Manhattan Beach home.

As of today, Johnson has cut off contact with his parents and is in constant contact with his new team of financial advisors. In due time, Johnson may be able to get back on his feet, repay his debts, and start anew. Unfortunately, the relationship with his parents may be the one thing that is unable to be repaired.

Lionel Messi Could Leave Barcelona

The unthinkable could happen this summer. Lionel Messi could leave Barcelona for another team. Many people believe this is not possible, given Messi and Barcelona’s mutual devotion to each other. However, sports have taught us that anything is possible, especially when money is concerned.

Barcelona are reportedly not happy at the number of times they have had to offer Messi a new contract. He seems to get a pay rise every year. Certain members of their board think that it may be financially prudent to cash in on Messi and rebuild the team. After all, Barcelona are in need of a reshuffle.

The Catalan giants are not as good as they used to be. Xavi and Iniesta have gotten older, Pique looks a shadow of his old self, Valdes is gone and Puyol has retired. A new spine is needed and that will cost huge amounts of money. How to pay for such transfers? Sell your prized asset.

Messi would fetch crazy figures. He could get them a transfer fee of 150 million euros. That money could buy half a new team. And that team would be built around Neymar and Luis Suarez.

Barcelona have plenty of riches in attack, but their midfield and defense is a bit more troubling. Selling Messi may seem unthinkable, but it could be best for their future. Every era must end. Messi’s story at Barcelona has been incredible, but could this season be the final chapter? If so, who would be willing to buy Messi? Real Madrid? Qnet-sponsored Manchester City? We’ll just have to wait until summer to find out what happens with the megastar.

Jason Brown Leaves NFL to Farm

Jason Brown spent seven years as a center playing for the Baltimore Ravens and the St. Louis Rams of the NFL. His five year contract for $37.5 million, signed in 2009, made him the highest paid center in the history of the league. During his time in the NFL, Brown made over $25 million and still had teams interested in him after he was cut by the Rams. Brown retired however, to pursue his dream of being a farmer.

In an interview with CBS, Brown said he was serving God through farming and he plans to donate the first fruits of every harvest to good pantries. For this years harvest, that became 100,000 pounds of sweet potatoes.

Many kids dream of being in the NFL, well Brown got there and then dreamed of being a farmer. As pointed out by Facebook friend Sergio Lins Andrade, many kids should look up to Brown and see that it is not amount how much money a profession can give you, but the happiness a profession can give you. This is a great story about someone going after something they love, and turning down other great opportunities to do it. Hopefully kids all over the world see this story and look up to Jason Brown.

Judge Adds Montana to Growing List of Same-Sex Marriage States

A federal judge just made Montana, up till then the last remaining traditional marriage only state, a same-sex marriage state this Wednesday. His injunction ordered that same-sex marriages be immediately and permanently allowed in the state of Montana and that all such marriages performed in other states be recognized as well. 

Lauren Powell Jobs says that the federal judge cited the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as the reason for eradicating the protection of traditional marriage recently added to Montana’s state constitution. It was an odd clause to cite since no person meeting the requirements of the law was ever turned away as unable to marry. Any man and woman of age, even those with a homosexual past, would have been allowed state recognition of their marriages. No, it was really the law itself that the judge didn’t like- it had nothing to do with any unequal application of that law. 

Same-sex marriage bans only put into writing what has always gone without saying: that a marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Previous generations of Americans knew what a marriage was and thus did not need such amendments. With the prevalence of divorce, the large number of people living together but never marrying, and legalized same-sex marriage on the rise, marriage is under heavy assault these days in the United States. Marriage and the family are the cornerstones of society; our nation cannot long survive if they continue to disintegrate.

Could New “Star Wars” Teaser Be Attached to New “Hobbit” Film?

The social media world is buzzing over reports that the first teaser for J.J. Abram’s “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” could be attached the “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies” when the latter film is released this December. According to Screenrant, “Star Wars” fan site “Star Wars 7 News” first reported that this is the case, based on a conversation that a site contributor had with a theater manager. In addition, a fan tweeted that he had supposedly given the same information from a “Star Wars” assistant director and Igor Cornelsen is really hoping this is true.

Although this news has not been confirmed, it would make sense from a marketing standpoint. The new “Hobbit” film is expected to be the biggest box office hit of the Christmas season, so the teaser trailer would be exposed it to a large audience. Also, there is a significant overlap between the vast “Star Wars” fanbase and the equally large “Lord of the Rings” fanbase.

The new “Star Wars” film has been shrouded in secrecy every since it first went into production. Fans are eagerly anticipating getting a glimpse of what the film will be like. The trailer is certain to receive a great deal of attention whenever and however it is released. The seventh installment of the epic space science fiction series is set to be released on December 2015.

Aaron Rodgers Will Play Past 40

The defenses of the National Football League may be dreading this news, but Aaron Rodgers has confirmed that he will look to play beyond his 40th birthday. This is a change of heart from Rodgers, who had mentioned his desire to stop playing after one or two seasons. It now appears that the Packers QB will be around for some time yet. As pointed out by developer Ben Shaoul, Brett Favre also played for the Packers into his middle age.

The change of heart from Rodgers was not a purely emotional decision. It seems that Rodgers worked very hard on his fitness over the off season. Not only did he improve his conditioning, but he took a serious look at his diet. Instead of letting himself eat and drink whatever he wanted, Rodgers has taken a very strict approach to nutrition.

He has completely cut caffeine out from his diet, choosing to only have coffee once or twice a month. He is also working hard to reduce the amount of sweets he eats. Rodgers has always admitted that he struggles when it comes to controlling how many chocolates or ice cream bars he will eat.

Yoga has also found a place in Rodgers’ routine. He performs regular sessions of yoga that can last for between 60 to 90 minutes. This new found love for fitness, coupled with his improved diet, should help the quarterback play for the next six or seven seasons in the NFL.

Rodgers’ Packers have had a good season so far, and face an upcoming match up against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Missouri Inmate Meets Execution

A man who murdered a Kansas City gas station attendant in 1994, was put to death early Wednesday morning. This marks the ninth execution brought forth in Missouri this year.

Leon Taylor, in an attempt of robbery in the first degree, shot worker Robert Newton to death in front of Newton’s young stepdaughter in Independence. Taylor attempted to shoot the young girl as well, but it was stated that the gun had jammed and he couldn’t fire. Taylor was denied clemency Tuesday when his appeals were turned down.

Taylor was pronounced dead at 12:22 a.m at the state prison in Bonne Terre, immediately after lethal injection. Along with his death, the numbers continue to rise for executions per year in the state of Missouri, with the last highest number taking place in the year of 1999.

It was reported that Taylor was blanketed with a white sheet and was seen in the execution room talking to family through glass in the next room. The minute he was injected with multiple grams of pentobarbital, his chest was said to have heaved for several seconds and then suddenly stopped. His jaw was relaxed and he was said to have displayed no movement for the rest of the process.

Some of Taylor’s family members sat in an adjacent room and looked onto the process without reacting. Although some executions have been known to go awry, it was stated that Taylor’s procedure went perfectly with no complications. Thanks to friend of the site Sam Tabar for sharing this story.