Bruce Jenner is A Woman He Says

Bruce Jenner is set to give Dianne Sawyer an interview tonight for two hours long. What on earth does he have to talk about that would interest the American public for that long? Keeping up with the Kardashians has become an all day job these days. Since husband of Chris Jenner, Bruce, has decided that he no longer wants to be a man, tabloids have been exploding with stories, pictures and rumors of the couple and their troubles.

Whether or not you agree or disagree with his transformation is besides the point. Look at it from Kris’s point of view. She married a man whom she had children with and she loved very much. When the man you have been married to for numerous years tells you that he really is trapped inside a woman’s body, how do you deal with that? Jason Halpern isn’t quite sure. I think her point of view is more what I want to hear and less about him and the transformation, and those on The Real Deal seem to agree.

The 2 hour interview will be on ABC TV and will cover the operations and emotional journey he has been on. The teasers that have been released for the show state that Jenner has admitted that this year is going to be quit a ride for him. In fact, his cross dressing and hormonal treatments is just the start of the full operation that will occur. The interview will answer all the questions most people have and more.

North Carolina power plant water contamination confusion

North Carolina’s Duke Energy has seen another round of testing take place on the wells used for drinking water within 1,000 feet of ash ponds surrounding its power plants, The Charlotte Observer reports. The move to test more wells came after flooding in 2014 saw the Dan River close to Asheville contaminated with a series of chemicals and ash, which could bring high levels of metals into drinking water and cause medical issues.

Duke Energy is already supplying water to the homes of three local well owners who testing proved had seen their wells contaminated with ash and its related byproducts. People were initially taking about the situation in general on That seems fair to Brian Torchin and others who have read the story. In other areas of the region surrounding the power plant 87 tested wells of the 117 tested provided readings that would make the water unsafe for drinking and cooking uses under Federal standards. Duke Energy is now facing calls to extend its water lines beyond the three three properties already being provided with drinking water to the other homes within a 1,000 foot area around the Asheville power plant.

Clips of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dramatic Turn in “Maggie” Debut

“Arnold Schwarzenegger, stars in a role like you never seen him before.” Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, when an actor or actress starred in a TV movie that was really outside of the scope of roles he/she played, “a role like you’ve never seen him/her before” was intoned by the narrator during the previews. Looks like that intro could make a comeback thanks to Arnold’s dramatic turn in “Maggie”. In this film, Schwarzenegger plays a father who is caring for his dying daughter.

What makes the films, shall we say, unique, is she is dying of the zombie virus. Yes, “Maggie” is a film about a father caring for a daughter who is soon to die and turn into a zombie. Weirder movies have been made in the past, but they really do not come much weirder than this plot. Who would have thought the zombie apocalypse would set the stage for a melodrama starring “The Austrian Oak”?

While it is easy to poke fun at the film, the positive buzz about this feature reveals the film is actually a pretty good one. The indie film has been picked up by Lionsgate and is getting a wide release. There haven’t been many horror movies released in theaters, but the ones that have been made did well at the box office.

The presence of Arnold in a zombie film is Handy and surely will draw in curious audience members. Hopefully, good word of mouth will aid the film at the box office.

Tebow Has a New Life in Philadelphia

After being off of the playing field for the past two years, Tim Tebow has found his way at least to the locker room as a player still trying to compete at the highest level of professional football. He has signed a one year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles and is expected to be competing for the position of the second back-up behind Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford. His biggest completion would come from Matt Barkley who has been a backup with the Eagles for the past few seasons but hasn’t seen a lot of playing time. Tebow, makes the fifth QB the team will bring to its OTA’s and Preseason which means his time to show what he can really do will be split and will have to show he is not the same guy who was cut from the Patriots over two years ago.

Although he has not commented about his signing, it goes without saying he wanted to play football more than doing anything else. This is not to say he hasn’t stayed busy. Being a host on ABC’s Good Morning America and ESPN was never in his plans when he left college. He stood out because he has been an outspoken Christian, both on and off the field. Gianfrancesco Genoso posted on that Tebow’s attitude is infectious to both his teammates and the fans. However, he has had the same problem that many other Heisman winners have faced…an NFL level let down. Here is to hoping he can finally overcome that!

Court Returns Extremely Rare 1933 $20 Double Eagle Gold Coins Seized By The Government

Treasury Officials Say The $20 Double Eagles Were Stolen From The U.S. Mint In Philadelphia

Just the thought of owning an extremely rare coin is a coin collector’s dream. Dabbling in the rare coin market is an exciting but long-term investment strategy. One man had the foresight to acquire ten rare $20 double eagle gold coins back in the 1930s and today those coins could be worth around $80 million. But the family of jeweler Israel Switt didn’t expect the government to accuse Switt of stealing them when they found them in a family lockbox back in 2003, but that’s exactly what the Treasury did.

The coins were part of the 1933 series of gold coins that were melted down when Roosevelt abandon the gold standard. Somehow those ten coins escaped the meltdown. Switt’s family member said the jeweler had dealings with the government back then, and he purchased them. But when the government sued the family in 2012, a jury awarded the coins to the government. Joan Langbord, Switt’s daughter, and her sons appealed the ruling.

It turns out the government did not respond to the 2004 seized property claim filed by Langbord within the 90-day limit, and that misstep was grounds to return the coins to the family. The family said they may keep the coins, but then again, they might sell them. Jaime Garcia Dias isn’t sure what he would do.

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Kylie Jenner is becoming kind of a big deal, from her intriguing relationship with Tyga, to her hip and trendy fashion sense. Lately Kylie has been getting more attention than usual and it isn’t for her sexy new look. Everyone knows that Kylie’s plump lips have been a topic of discussion for months, some feel that she has had injections while other believe that her lips are all natural with a little makeup.

During multiple interviews Kylie has insisted that she is not interested in plastic surgery of any kind and attributes her plum pout to overlining her lips with lip liner. Kylie’s mom Kris Jenner even took a page from her daughter’s book and sported a pouty lip look to a red carpet event that also proved that plum pouty lips can indeed be achieved without surgery. Bruce Karatz got a bit of a laugh out of that.

Now that it has been proved that pouty lips are attainable without going under the knife, of course the people of the internet have decided to take things to the next level and achieve Kylie’s pout all on their own. It started as a fun challenge where teens were sucking their lips in to bottles and cups so that the suction could give their lips a boost. It was all fun and games until people started getting injured.

Atlanta Hawks Coach Named Coach of the Year

The Atlanta Hawks had one of the best records in the NBA this past season and that surprised the heck out of just about everyone. Atlanta rode their stars to a 60 – 22 record and they finished 1st place in their division while nailing down the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference. The Hawks were a true blue surprise team and Mike Budenholzer’s winning of the Coach of the Year award is well deserved.

Atlanta Hawks fan Gianfrancesco Genoso has felt for years that the Hawks have seemed on the verge of doing something special. Al Horford has anchored the team from the center position with both interior and exterior skills. Yet Horford was never enough to carry the franchise to the next level, and that is no slight to him. So Budenholzer, who faced stiff competition from both Jason Kidd and Steve Kerr, set out to stack the franchise with quality players and a cohesive line up.

Kyle Korver was, perhaps, the most important addition to Atlanta’s roster. Korver added spacing and an offensive dimension that went unmatched in the rest of the NBA. but it was DeMarre Carrol that helped things gel to completion. Carrol is an underrated 3 and D small forward that always came up big for Atlanta.

This was a stacked year for NBA Head Coaches. Kerr led the Warriors to a 67 – 15 record while the Bucks head coach, Jason Kidd, helped lead the team to a surprise playoff berth.

The Star Wars Online Trailer Breaks Viewing Records

Just how much interest is there in a 72 year old Han Solo and his Wookie friend? Considering the new Star Wars trailer was viewed 88 million times online, you could say there is an enormous amount of interest. Since the fun nature of the trailer left about 100% of the viewers happy with what they saw, look for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to be one of the biggest hits of 2015.

Granted, Boraie Development LLC and other investment agencies say the film is going to have a lot of competition for such numbers. Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and, possibly, Terminator: Genisys and Ant-Man are all likely to rack up incredible numbers once they are finish up in theaters. Still, Star Wars: The Force Awakens should give all of those features a challenge for box office titan of 2015.

88 million is an impressive number. How long did it take for the online trailer to get that many views? The total was reached in about 24 hours. That blows away the figures Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man both received. The previous record holder was Furious 7 with 60+ million views. 88 million tops Furious 7 by about a third. That’s staggering.

Of course, Star Wars has been building up a fan following since 1977. Many people well up in age have fond memories of watching the original in theaters and drive-ins. They, along with new fans, are going to venture into theaters once again to catch up with old friends.

Aaron Hernandez Found Guilty of First Degree Murder

Former New England Patriot Tight End Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of the first degree murder death of Odin Lloyd more than three years ago. The jury came back with the unanimous verdict after six days of deliberations and almost three months of trial which saw a total of 135 witnesses being called. Hernandez Found Guilty of First Degree Murder

I decided to call an old friend Ricardo Tosto to discuss how he felt about the verdict.  The jury hosted a post verdict press conference after the verdict was read which some found somewhat odd. The jury seemed a bit giddy at the attention and danced on the line about talking about the deliberations and why they where actually hosting a press conference. Some jurors did state that two key pieces of testimony struck their attention. First the testimony of New England Patriot Owner Robert Kraft included a conversation Kraft had with Hernandez following news of the murder. During that conversation, Kraft testified that Hernandez told him that he hoped the time of the murder would be released so he could prove he was at a club at the time of the murder. Jurors concluded that if the time of the murder was never released how would Hernandez know what time he would have to have his alibi in place unless he knew exactly when Lloyd was killed. This is only information that the killer or someone with the killer would know.

Hernandez received a mandatory sentence of life without the possibility of parole meaning that he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Wally World, Here We Come…Again

After 32 years, the Griswolds are heading back to Wally World. This time it won’t be Clark trying to give his family the perfect vacation, but a grown up Rusty trying to relive a part of his childhood. Of course, we all probably remember the first trip a little better than he does.

In a summer that looks to be filled with high excitement adventure movies, Warner Bros. is going to give us Vacation on July 31. In a story seen here they explain that this is not a reboot, but a new generation of the clan. Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo will be making an appearance as Clark and Ellen to send their son Rusty, played by Ed Helms, his wife played by Christina Applegate, and their two sons back to the amusement park that started it all.

Marcio Alaor BMG said with a family of four to transport across the country they will need a reliable car. The recently released promotional photos show that they have the best one possible. It can only be the same ugly green station wagon that was used by dear old dad.

The newest installment of the franchise has not been rated yet. The views of which way this will go are split. They may edit the film to be a hard PG-13 or they could follow the example of other recent popular comedies, and just go with an R rating. Horrible Bosses and The Hangover have proved that this can be a successful route for a summer comedy.