Should You Add Wen Conditioner To Your Beauty Regimen?

Wen shampoos and conditioners promise to make your hair frizz-free and healthy with the power of natural extracts from plants and flowers. A number of celebrities have endorsed Wen, and claim that the products have done wonders for their hair. If you’re still not convinced, check out Emily McClure’s Bustle review. She tried Fig conditioner from Wen for seven days, and found out just how beneficial it can be in a short amount of time. Review results posted on
McClure states that lots of conditioner is needed for the product to be especially effective. However, she says that it’s worth it, since she noticed that her hair felt better after only one wash.

Around the middle of the week, Emily was in a rush and didn’t have time to wash her hair one morning. Luckily the Wen conditioner was still doing a great job of moisturizing her hair. McClure’s hair was so shiny that her coif didn’t even hold the curls she added for volume.

When Emily’s friends commented on a facebook photo her hair at the end of the week, she know for sure that the Wen conditioner was making a difference. Overall, McClure says that Wen conditioner works well for women who want to make their hair appear thicker. She also says the conditioner is ideal for women who wash their hair daily.

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Laidlaw & Company Lawsuit regarding financial manipulation

A lawsuit has been filed against Laidlaw & Company’s London office. The accusations claim that Laidlaw and Company have manipulated the confidence of investors in order to gain control of the company Relmada. This may just be a case of a company that has done all it can do, but the company does not want to be controlled by another firm.

Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd, as they are formally known have been accused of multiple cases of financial wrong doing in the past. There are even cases circling the internet that claim Laidlaw and Company is using a slick cold calling technique to try and snare investors. From the looks of things the activities that Laidlaw and Company is involved in are legitimate, it just seems like the party on the losing end wants to complain and throw tantrums.

Job seekers tend to think that the company has a pattern of putting youthful workers through a cycle of meaningless work. Sources claim workers make cold calls for long periods throughout the day, and worker are barely paid anything for their long hours of work. Workers claim that they aren’t even given and training and advise other prospects to steer clear of Laidlaw & Company. Most likely these are cases of people who just did not have the skills needed in order to land their own clients.

The Truth of Yeonmi Park’s Life

Every human being deserves to experience the best this world has to offer. Yeonmi Park has experienced the dark side of life for a decade and a half. She grew up at the worst time in the history of North Korea. History records the extensive violation of human rights by North Korean governments over the years.

It’s, therefore, true that Yeonmi had a rough childhood and underwent emotional torture as she got used to her hostile surroundings. We could also conclude that the lady has a huge heart and unmatched will to live, get her freedom and change the lives of other North Koreans. Today, Yeonmi has become a global ambassador for her people and is shining the light on her nation’s dark history. Read more at

Yeonmi has recently had to defend herself from controversial criticisms of her life story by the North Korean government. The concern on the regime’s side tells us Yeonmi’s efforts are working. However, she warned the rest of the world to take the threats made by Kim Jong-un very seriously as the North Korean leader means every word he says and is as brutal as his predecessors. Read the full story at

Another indisputable truth of Ms. Park’s life is the fact that her family was tortured in their country, labeled outcasts, prompting them to seek refuge in China. The escape starts as a journey to freedom but ends up with its horrific experiences as Yeonmi narrates in her book. A blog entry on reveals excerpts from the book.

Yeonmi and her mother braved the frozen Yalu River, rape experiences in China after their helpers took captive of Yeonmi and her mother. In fact, Yeonmi narrates the painful ordeal when her mother volunteered to take her place to save Yeonmi from the traffickers. This story features on In the end, they would again escape China towards the friendlier South Korea through an equally punitive Gobi Desert.

Yeonmi Park’s story brings all her Youtube audiences to tears. Indeed, human beings can turn to animals, but this young lady proves we can all be better.

Ignore The Odds And Unleash Your Potential

During the 1980 winter Olympic games that were held in Lake Placid, a memorable lesson was taught about defying the odds. In this games, it was evident that the aggressive Russians would emerge the winners and take home the title. From their previous performance, the Russians had maintained an unbeaten record for some years preceding the games. In the opening exhibition match of the games, the Russians had mercilessly thrashed the American all-star team. Coach Herb Brooks, the then American national hockey team coach, build a team made of young, dedicated hockey players from various college teams. Herb Brooks coached the team on how to work as a unit and how to maintain their energy throughout the game. The Russians were to meet with this young team in the semifinals. All the odds were against the American team comprising of young, inexperienced players. To everyone’s surprise, the Americans thrashed the Russians, the then world champions and went ahead to win the trophy.

It’s clear that the American team made of young inexperienced played stood no chance against the Russian team. But they defied the odds and won the game and took the title. From this real-life scenario, you can be sure that no matter the challenges that stand between you and your success you still can achieve your goals. You should not listen to what people say about you not having the ability to succeed. You have the potential to achieve any goal you have. This potential wholly lies inside you. All you got to do is unleash it. Believe in yourself and don’t allow low self-esteem to get the best of you. You should also have patience as a virtue and be dedicated to whatever you do. Be more than just average and you can be sure of success.

VTA Publications has been dedicating itself to the promotion positive thinking in people. This firm which was founded in 2012, runs an online encouragement and motivational column where it promotes positive thinking and attitudes through its articles. These virtues are quite essential in the achievement of success.

VTA Publications is an international provider of economic and finance learning material. This firm publishes both physical and virtual copies of books and articles. Event organization is also another sector that VTA Publications has majored in. It organizes forums and conferences where matters economics, finance and business incubation are tackled.  Check out their online store for the full list of available products.

Organo Gold Opens Branch in Turkey

Organo Gold recently opened an office in Turkey. It is the 39th country that the global gourmet coffee company has expanded into. It was a significant achievement according to Bernardo Chua, CEO of the company. It unites the company with the markets in Asia, Europe, and Africa and helps with better distribution to customers.

Turkey opened the first coffee house in the 15th century. Coffee is an established commodity in this country so the business has a good market for its products. The business sells healthy products so this fits into the niche.

Turkey’s consumer now have a very active lifestyle and a growing market for healthy products. This makes it a prime market for Organo Gold products says Holton Buggs, executive vice president of International Sales and Marketing for Organo Gold. The health benefit of the product comes from a mushroom used in Chinese medicine called Ganoderma. It is known to build a strong healthy body.

The line of products sold in Turkey will be gourmet black coffee, mocha, latte, hot chocolate, and espresso. Bernardo Chua is from the Philippines and worked many years in multi level marketing. In three years, he expanded Gano Excel into Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States. He moved to California and became president of Gano Excel. The products included instant coffee and other food products.

In 2008, Bernardo founded a company called Organo Gold which has a number of vendors operating under the company’s name. With his expertise in network marketing, the company expanded worldwide. He has received many awards from his country.

Some of the branches operate under the name Coffee Connoisseur. He began the company because he saw a niche in the market that could be filled. He is called one of the most successful Asian businessmen in the world. Bernardo Chua has been awarded five times Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year. He continues to make sure the company maintains its position in the global markets.  Be sure to follow Bernardo’s healthy coffee revolution on twitter @OGBernie, and there’s more reading available on BitsyLink.

Kevin Seawright: The Youthful Steward of Newark City

Every city needs a hero and a role model. A person who fights for the greater good of the society and empowers others around him. Newark town in New Jersey must be proud to have their hero in Kevin Seawright, one of the revolutionary leaders in the region.

Kevin Seawright sets the standards when it comes to accountability and professionalism in public administration. He possesses lots of experience in management and financial appropriation in the public sector. He has consulted with groups such as the Recreational Parks of New Jersey as well as schools and colleges.

One of Kevin’s mission’s in life is youth empowerment. He considers himself a youth too due to his energy and activism. It’s for this reason he dedicated his time to the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. This developmental body came about as a result of efforts to spur economic growth and development in Newark. Therefore, Newark CEDC serves as the confluence of all developmental projects in Newark City.

In this regard, it would be wrong to speak of development without considering the youth and education as essential pillars. The Newark CEDC knew this fact hence their prioritization in strengthening the education sector in the area as a tool of youth empowerment. One of the alarming issues was the dwindling numbers of college graduates as so many students dropped out before graduation.

Vizualize shows that Kevin Seawright has been instrumental in addressing this gap both through his personal initiatives as well as his role as CFO and vice-president of Newark CEDC. They came up with a summer employment program that sees college students assigned to local corporates such as banks and insurance agencies. The students receive weekly remuneration and are exposed to the actual corporate environment. They receive important on-job training as well as life skill coaching. The summer program received massive support within the Newark business community as some firms took in a good number of students.

Kevin Seawright told LocalTalkNews there are up to 3000 summer jobs accessed annually and the positive impact the program has on graduate college levels. In 2016, the Newark CEDC decided to digitize the entire application process to rationalize on time and manpower used to process applications. Students needed just 10 minutes to complete their online application. On the first day, the program registered about 500 applications and the number of applicants rose to 3,500.

George Soros: The Hand Up

George Soros made himself one of the 30 wealthiest people on Earth. With a net worth of $24.9 Billion, Soros has been able to give over $11 billion to philanthropy. Despite his fortune, all that wealth hasn’t gone to his head. He has made supporting social justice an important detail of his life. Closing the income gap between classes on, ending gender discrimination, and fighting police brutality are just some of the worthy causes he’s taken up. Always a man of the times the refugee crisis of Europe has been on his mind. Like everything he does, George Soros faces this challenge with his head firmly on his shoulders and an eye firmly locked on the bigger picture.

In contrast to the inflammatory and xenophobic rhetoric that has taken over the debate surrounding Syrian refugees seeking asylum, Soros looks to give a helping hand to those in need on He proposes that the European Union take in at least a million refugees annually. Each refugee should receive $16,000 to help pay for living expenses, healthcare, and education. While these refugees are living in Europe their counterparts in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey must not be neglected. Funds would also be allocated to assist the refugees in those countries to the tune of about $10 billion Euros as well.

George Soros doesn’t want to simply throw money at the problem and hope that it goes away. The current network of asylum systems found among the member countries of the EU would have to be integrated into one single network. Improvement to the Border Guard must be made in order to better regulate the flow of migrants. Providing safe passage for the migrants into Europe will absolutely be a top priority. The actions of government alone will not be enough to solve this problem. Charities, churches, and NGOs will need to step in support the efforts to assist these migrants. The refugee crisis will demand a team effort.

The words of George Soros are not something to be taken lightly. George Soros ability to make accurate predictions and invest money have gotten him where he is today. In today’s tense political environment anger and short-term plans have taken precedence over the best interests of everyone. Nativist demagogues threaten to bring back the frightening policies of the past. George Soros is one of the strongest forces fighting against this trend. Looking at his previous endeavors, it seems like he will succeed.

Where Do All the Divas Go?

Where do they go? Those prime-time beauties who captured our hearts, our envy, and our righteous indignation. Where are they now? Those beautifully powerful woman who were divas long before the word became synonymous with the catty and hateful of the feminine gender. What are they doing now? Those unfairly gorgeous ladies who lived those over the top life styles and wore unique and stylish outfits that we all adored. Where do these lovely ladies go when their careers have come to a screeching halt and the demand for them is not as great as it once was? Well, if they’re lucky, they go to reality television. Reality television is the newest format in network television and it promises to reinvent and reinvigorate the careers of former stars.

Seventy-five percent of television programming is built around scripted reality shows. Known for their gratuitous drama, these shows also provide a new lease on life for popular stars who are not as popular as they once were.

The television series Queens of Drama is the newest kid on the reality television series block. The show reunites a bevy of soap opera and prime-time actresses who come together on a production project hoping it will be made into a series. Queens of Drama pits these headstrong divas against one another and waits for sparks to fly.

The drama premieres Sunday, April 26 directly following the Daytime Emmy Awards. The thirty minute formatted show features actresses Lindsay Hartley (All My Children, Days of Our Lives); Crystal Hunt (Guiding Light, One Life to Live); Vanessa Mareil (Las Vegas, General Hospital); Chrystee Pharris (Passion, General Hospital);Hunter Tylo (The Bold and Beautiful; Donna Mills (Knots Landing, Melrose Place);and Joan Collins (Dynasty).

Crystal Hunt one of the featured actresses will take on the roles of the show’s antagonist. Ms. Hunt who is best remembered for the tortured soul she portrayed in The Guiding Light and One Life to Live is no stranger to drama, but the Clearwater, Florida native always has maintained her poise and beauty through it all. writes that Hunt who is an star of commercials, film, and day time soaps is also an emmy nominated actress. Crystal Hunt will not disappoint in this new role. She will bring all that the show needs to succeed.  Given her proven talent on her YouTube highlight reel, she definitely has the chops for television.  For more on Crystal, be sure to check out her official website, in addition to her official Facebook fan page.

White Shark Media Flaunts its Flaws

All too often in this day and age of content marketing and social media self-promotion companies bore us to death endless self-proclamations and unabashed self-praise. Perhaps that is why it’s absolutely unheard of to read a company critique itself shortcomings on their own blog.

Glass Door exclusively says for a marketing and advertising company to report on itself not only to their own existing client base, but to prospective clients as well. Well had I not read it myself I wouldn’t have believed it, but White Shark Media, the Adwords specialist company has done just that.

On their blog appears the post, Typical Complaints from White Shark Media Clients and How We Make Sure They Never Happen Again, so not just an admission of what it hasnÕt done exactly perfectly, but they have personalized it to their business specifically, not just what’s inherent with most Adwords providers (though I suspect these issues exists with all like providers). In any case, White Shark Media wasn’t Shy about letting it all hang out for the world to see.

So one or two of the issues were moderately routine but it was the non-routine response to a typical account problem that stood out above all others.

Again all were items one might expect when a successful business, one who’d had some success with its own Adwords campaigns would experience when deciding to take the leap and let specialists handle their greatest source of web traffic. Namely, lack of communication; what wasn’t expected was the response in how the company provided proof and a system to ensure it wouldn’t be re-occurring.

To combat the communication issue, and what now is a matter of regular account maintenance every 30 days (or more frequently if requested), each client meets with their individual SEM Strategist (after receiving their monthly written report) and has a meeting of the minds via GoToMeeting. White Shark Media enables the share a screen feature and goes through the comprehensive report as well as their Adwords account and discusses each item individually –,28.htm.

Not surprisingly, new and old clients alike had a very positive response to this procedural change. Not only does this combat any confusion as to what’s on the report, but such a system ensures when a client’s next report is out they will know precisely what each item on the report addresses.

Further addressing the communication issue was the publishing of individual phone extensions, not just of a client’s contact SEM Specialist, but of their supervisor as well. Now, even if your account person is out of the office clients have an educated person with authority with experience and knowledge to speak to. An added bonus is that supervisors only manage a handful of SEM specialists, so they have knowledge of that specialists client accounts.

So while the social media network is littered with companies and advertising agencies blowing their own respective horns, here’s an agency that goes beyond the basic tenants of transparency and publishes their mistakes, and their solutions. Now if they could just spread this movement throughout the web what a better web we’d have.

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Wen by Chaz Put to the Test

Wen hair cleansing conditioner was tested out by an editor for Bustle in an attempt to add some shine and volume to her normal hair. She wrote about her experience using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner for Bustle and wanted her readers to see the actual results on a normal person’s hair, rather than just believing the incredible claims from the famous Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner infomercials on tv and ebay ads. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner was a hit in real life, too. She let the before and after pictures speak for themselves in showing readers what a difference the Wen hair by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner made on her own hair.

WEN hair cleansing conditioner is free from any sulfates, which can do serious damage to hair over time. It also helps simplify your daily hair care routine because it uses a five-in-one formula to replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner receives rave reviews for its amazing results on all different types of women’s hair and ability to make hair healthier and shinier in just one use. For best results, using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner as part of your daily hair care routine over time is recommended. Wen hair cleansing conditioner works best when it is applied liberally to the tips or ends of hair because it is specifically designed to help lock in moisture and repair split ends. After washing your hair with the cleansing conditioner, you can apply an extra pump of the product to the ends of your hair to help give it a polished look when styled and protect the ends from any heat damage from styling tools, like a straightener or curling iron. The cleansing conditioner should help cut down on the time for your styling process.