National Assemblyman José Manuel González Thinks The Start Of The Non-Aligned Movement Summit Is Not Appropriate

Venezuela is in panic mode. The people are starving and they can’t get enough medicine for their children. Medical supplies are almost non-existent, and the government turns the electricity off constantly. The government of Nicolas Maduro is disintegrating, but Maduro stands his ground and says the imperialists are to blame for the shortages in Venezuela. One of the Deputies of the National Assembly, José Manuel González, has been working on a national agreement for months to ease some of the economic pressure that turned his country into a disaster area. Jose Manuel González is from the farming state, Guárico, and he is one of the leading agriculture entrepreneurs in the country.

González watched the government confiscate farms in his state while Hugo Chavez was in power, and those farms stop producing corn and grain because of the Chavez import food mandate. Food is no longer available because the government stopped domestic production. Maduro is the hand-picked successor of Chavez, but Chavez had a fat bank account to rely on when oil was $100 a barrel. The oil money dried up, but Maduro continues to block any kind of domestic initiative to alleviate the shortages.

Instead of reaching out to neighbors than want to help, Maduro is hosting a Non-Aligned Summit for countries that did not support the U.S. or the Soviet Union’s during the Cold War. Countries like Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Iran, and Zimbabwe are meeting on Margarita Island to discuss how the imperialists are ruining Venezuela. Maduro’s military is doing his best to hide the misery that is taking place in his country. But the opposition is protesting the summit, and they are asking for a recall referendum to remove Maduro from office.

José Manuel González and other members of the National Assembly have been following the law and trying to change some of the policies that are impacting the people. But the situation has moved past the point of changing Maduro’s policies by the book. The people are in protest mode and the country is quickly approaching a breakdown in civil obedience. More than 1 million people participated in a protest demonstration in Caracas recently, and another demonstration is in the works. Venezuela is on the verge of a breakdown while Maduro sips wine with his fellow stooges.

VTA Publications Offer Their Expertise And Professionalism To Everyone

Founded first in 2012, VTA Publications is a business that focuses on supplying online courses and stories of success. The company also offers services in event organizing, catering, and they host a variety of different seminars on different topics. The company uses stories of success that are real from extremely successful people to help encourage and build confidence in others to do the same. The company is dedicated and ready to help people discover and push towards their true potential.

VTA investment analyst and adviser, Jim Hunt, is responsible for stock charts and predicting the ups and downs of the stocks at the company. It takes a special talent and level of experience to fully understand the workings of investments, stocks, securities, and more. Jim has this level of extensive experience that he has been using to help other people with their investments and achieve their goals for success. Jim Hunt even presents his owns successes, including overcoming a bear run in the market, which he detailed on YouTube.

Not only was his prediction correct this time, but he effectively showed his abilities to analyze and predict in order to earn a profit. Jim Hunt has a high level of knowledge and he has gained confidence in his predicting abilities and will make investments that many other professionals will shy away from because they do not trust their prediction. Through VTA Publications, guides for success, like Jim Hunt’s, can be made into a tool for others to use as a guide and for inspiration.

Jim Hunt’s company is able to provide clients with a large variety ideas for investments and others fields from experts like Jim Hunt, who has an impressive and successful history. This work gives others the confidence to try out their methods and ideas and become part of a bigger network. For now and the time to come, VTA Publications will continue offering the tools people need to push themselves towards success.

InnovaCare Health Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage Plans are medical schemes that provide health services to people. These medical plans are offered by selected facilities, which the Federal Government reimburses to cover the expenses they incur while providing these health benefits.

The common type of the Medicare Advantage Plans is the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). These are private firms contracted by the Federal Government to provide its citizens with various Medicare benefits.

Preferred Provider Organization is another variable of the Medicare Advantage Plans. This plan entails a set fixed co-payment charge ceiling, which clients pay when they utilize such facilities as InnovaCare Health Inc. If a customer receives health care services from health providers, which have no legal affiliations with the Medicare program, the costs could be reviewed upwards.

Another type of the Medicare Advantage Plans is the Private Fee For Services (PFFS) plan. This program incorporates all the health benefits, which were provided by the Original Medicare. The plan of InnovaCare Health may also extend its coverage to Part D, which offers drug coverage.

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Despite the few divergences in Medicare Advantage Plans, the programs share some common characteristics.
* They incorporate both Parts A and B of the Original Medicare.
* The offer all the benefits that were provided by the Original Medicare.
* They feature a set limit on the out-of-pocket spending of a patient.
* In some schemes, there may be additional services such as dental and vision care.
* The different plans feature varied regulations, which determine when and how a patient can get coverage.
* They charge a premium fee in addition to the monthly premium of Medicare Part B.
* In order to benefit from the Medicare Advantage Plans, a person must have Medicare Part A and Part B, reside in a location where the service is offered by the program as well as not have an End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

It is highly recommendable for people to seek advice about the Medicare Advantage Plans from the right provider before selecting any particular scheme. A Medicare Advantage Plan provider will guide you in choosing the most suitable and reliable plan alongside providing you with quality customer service.

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of the Medicare plans. The facility is committed to providing quality and affordable health services. The firm primarily operates in Puerto Rico. Rick Shinto, M.D. is the company’s CEO and leads the facility critically with his excellent skills. Rick Shinto boasts of over 20 years’ experience in the health industry. He has also authored numerous clinical medicine journals. The Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides. She has a working experience of over two decades in managed healthcare organizations and government programs. She has the expertise to design and maintain managed healthcare operations and innovative clinical programs.

How White Shark Media Is Taking Advantage of Complaints Submitted By Customers

Many investors will shrink at the idea of receiving complaints about their services or products, but that is nothing close to how White Shark Media Review is responding to customer complaints. The company was launched in 2010 and through the years, it has gone through major transformation. It has dealt with customers in different specialties and some of them have expressed concerns about one or two issues.


This information has been a great benefit to the company as it has acted as a base from which White Shark Media could improve and undergo complete transformation. Below are some of the cases the company picked and transformed them for a good cause.

Loss of connection with AdWords Campaigns

Initially, White Shark Media did not have reliable reporting procedures, something that complicated the process of obtaining results for AdWords campaigns. Many customers could not track the progress of their campaigns because there were no sufficient tools for such reporting. This sparked some complaints but after some thorough reviews, White Shark Media embarked on a mission to help fill this gap. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

There is a new system that allows clients to get information about the progress of their campaigns and how well they can transform their results. This new system has encouraged customers to invest more into their campaigns because there are reliable structures dedicated to ensuring they receive the best experience.

Slack in communication
Any agency understands that communication is a valuable element that cannot be overlooked and this is one of the things that were initially lacking when White Shark Media was launched in 2010. Just like many companies, putting everything together immediately after entering a market may not be easy, so there are bound to be several areas that are lacking like the communication department.

White Shark Media took the complaints directed at this concern and introduced features like the scheduled monthly status calls that are catered for by GoTomeeting. The company has also embraced direct phone extensions that allow customers to directly contact the person of interest in different departments.

SEO services
Many customers managing their AdWords and PPC campaigns on White Shark Media inquired whether the company was offering SEO services. However, this is not one of the areas White Shark has invested in. The company has been reviewing the SEO proposals presented by customers and has been helping them to choose the most reliable SEO firms in the market to shield them from losing their money.

The Evolution Of Smooth Is A Lip Balm Leader

Whether it’s the hot summer sun or the cold harsh winds of winter, our lips can really take a beating. Certain elements can truly have a wear and tear effect on our lips. Lips can become chapped and/or sunburn. They can hurt, bleed, and peel. It’s things that no one wants to deal with because it’s uncomfortable, it hurts, and it looks bad.

Luckily there is a product called lip balm. Lip balm is spread on your lips and it helps protect them against a variety of problems. It keeps them from chapping and hurting. Overall it keeps them soft, smooth, and healthy. Lip Balm is great because it gives a person the confidence to show off their face, to talk, to kiss, and to do anything else that involves their mouth.

Evolution of Smooth or EOS is a lip product that’s been sweeping the country and taking over shelves in grocery stores, drug stores, and other chain stores. You may have seen the egg shaped lip balm as you wait in line to check out. Pick one up and try it! Their lipbalm will hydrate your lips and taste amazing all at the same time. EOS has a large variety of flavors! The tubes of lip balm come in all different shapes and sizes All of them are natural and organic. They even have gluten free products. Everyone is sure to find the right lip balm for them when shopping with EOS.

The Evolution of Smooth line has conditioning oils, antioxidants, vitamins, and shea butter to help leave lips smooth. That’s because these products nourish the lips and bring them back to life. One of the highlights of this product is that it is long lasting. This isn’t a product that you’ll have to constantly reapply because it wears off. Rather you can put it on once in the beginning of the day and feel the benefits for hours to come. View the Facebook gallery of EOS products for more info.

Overall the Evolution of Smooth are the leading products in lip balm. That’s because they are trusted by the masses. They work and are sure to deliver users the results that they need. Visit the website at


How Don Ressler Has Seized An Opportunity As An Entrepreneur

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, it takes a lot of creativity and a good eye for opportunity in order to survive. Many people that start out as entrepreneurs don’t really succeed. The person has to know the market in order to be able to capitalize on it. Among the examples of people who know their market is Don Ressler. Don’s industry is fashion. He does more than just provide clothes for people to buy, he looks for ways to provide something that is very unique that customers can’t get from anywhere else. He also has partners that help him determine what customers are buying.

Don Ressler runs Fabletics which is a subdivision of JustFab. JustFab specializes in providing clothes for customers that are very stylish. They are made of unique material and in many unique cuts that allow people to find their own style. They also sell accessories for women to complete their look in a way that satisfies them. Don Ressler understands that a great outfit could help women feel good in a way that makes them radiant. As a result, they may attract the right elements into their lives.

There is another element to the success of JustFab, Fabletics, and other divisions of the company. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have decided to put together a fashion company that is social, fun, engaging, and overall satisfying. People are a lot less likely to shop for clothes if it seems a lot like a chore. Then there are people that just do the bare minimum when it comes to shopping clothes. With Fabletics, and JustFab, people will be more inspired to find their own style.

One thing that Don Ressler and Adam does that captures people’s imaginations is that they provide products that different from all of the products that other fashion companies are offer. They also offer some new aesthetics that will attract a lot of sales. Women will not only feel good about the clothes they buy, they will also experience the thrill of being one of the rare few that have these clothes that fit so well and flatter their body types. Reference:

Distinguished Career and Inspired Businesswoman: Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison built her career on hard work and strong ethics. She now holds three top positions at Hall Capital Partners, as managing director, general counsel, and chief compliance officer. She has received a top quality education from top institutions and valuable work experience from leading private and government organizations.

She earned her Journalism degree from Northwestern University, and she earned her law degree from UCLA Berkeley. Once she passed the bar, she served as law clerk for judges in the US Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. These positions allowed her to see how corrupt businessmen can take advantage of clients, a cause she will fight for later in her career. After her time in the government courts, she joined a private law firm from 1986 to 1996. Her quality work was noticed and she was elevated to partner in 1991. Her work with the firm concentrated on business cases and securities actions that were related to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

After Helane Morrison work in the field of law, she worked with the SEC as the head of the San Francisco office and was responsible for securities enforcement and fraud litigation. Her office covered Northern California and five Northwestern states. She worked as a media liaison for the SEC. After her stellar career, she joined Hall Capital in 2007, during the economic crisis. Her goal was to restore faith about investing in the consumer. Economic instability caused many to fear investing in the violate market. She holds several top positions at Hall Capital, including General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Managing Director.

Helane Morrison has lead an amazing career as an ethical, hardworking, and inspiring businesswoman. Hall Capital Partners is a great firm for her to be continuing her career, since the majority of the executives and employees are women. In the men dominated world of finance, Hall Capital allows women to work in an environment that allows them to thrive.

Stephen Murray Is a Business Leader

Stephen Murray made a name for himself by becoming a very successful private equity investor. However, his greatest fame was created by his work at a company called CCMP Capital. He held the position of president and chief executive officer of this private equity firm.

He helped build the company into the success that it later became. He started in the business by handling the transactions that involved buyouts and growth equity. He knew that he wanted to make a mark in the financial world from the time he was very young. Stephen was always an honor student throughout his academic life.

All of his studies eventually gave him the opportunity to attend Boston College. 1984 was the year that he graduated with an economics degree. However, his formal education did not stop there. He decided to attend business school at Columbia University in New York City. In 1989, Stephen earned an MBA. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Working as a trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation was the job that taught Stephen the ropes in the financial world. He learned a great deal in this position that would eventually help him when he would move on and start working at the MH Equity Corporation.

There were a number of ownership changes during Stephen Murray’s tenure with this company. It was first purchased by Chemical Bank. Many of the old staff was laid off at this time. Stephen was one of the few people from the old regime who was allowed to keep his job. This was because he impressed the new owners of the company and made them realize that he was an invaluable part of the organization.

Another ownership shakeup occurred five years later when Chase Manhattan Corporation formed a merger with Chemical Bank. Stephen once again thrived in this new working environment.

Stephen always wanted to be in charge of his own company. In 2006, he felt the time was right to make his move. JP Morgan Chase agreed to give Stephen the financing he needed to get his venture off the ground. CCMP Capital was the name of the company he founded.

Once again, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital focused the company’s work on buyouts and growth equity because these were two of his strengths. This proved to be a wise decision because the profitability of the company began to grow almost immediately. He would later take over the reigns as CEO and lead the company to even greater heights.

Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital Help the Little Man

Bradley Reifler is doing things differently in the world of investments and it just may affect your wallet. Traditionally, investment programs are reserved for the one-percenters, also known as an “accredited investor”. These individuals must have a net worth exceeding one million, or income exceeding $200,000. Anyone not meeting these requirements has typically been considered to not be “smart enough” to invest in higher risk products. Reifler believes that type of thinking is dead wrong.

Mr. Reifler of Forefront Capital seeks to close the economic gap with the Forefront Income Trust. This program actually caters to non-accredited investors that make up the majority of the middle class. Forty-four percent of this segment has less than six thousand dollars in savings. The Forefront Income Trust aims to increase that amount through specialty finance opportunities.

Reifler explains on Twitter, “Through the power of compounded returns, clients can potentially watch a small investment grow into a substantial retirement account.”

If it sounds too good to be true, take into account that, unlike Wall Street, Reifler’s group doesn’t make any money until their clients make an eight percent return. This guarantees that they’re working in the client’s best interests.

Forward-thinking such as this didn’t come overnight but rather from Reifler’s extensive history in investments. Beginning his career in 1982, he founded Reifler Trading Corporation, a firm engaged in the execution of global derivatives. After selling this venture in 2000, he was made Chairman of Pali Capital which he had helped found in 1995. During his tenure, Pali Capital was one of the most profitable Wall Street Firms.
In 2009, Reifler resigned his duties at Pali and became Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital Advisors. The Forefront Group is a boutique investment banking and wealth management firm. They offer investment advisory services to both individuals and institutions.  Read more about Brad’s accolades on LinkedIn.

Fabletics Elle

A very thought provoking article appeared in Elle Magazine. Leading actress, Kate Hudson, was interviewed about her new line of clothing, Fabletics. The clothing is a special project for Hudson. She always wanted a flexible line of clothing that she could wear to exercise class or dress up to dine out on the town. Well, Fabletics is her line of athletic-wear that is aimed at the modern day woman that likes to really get involved with her community and stay active. Of course, that woman requires a line of clothing that fits comfortably and will get her through the day and evening.

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Clothing For Modern Day Women
Kate Hudson truly believes that her athletic-wear line is perfect for the modern day woman that is very aware of health and fitness too. Her website was established to reach out to those women and encourage them to work toward reaching all their goals. Hudson relates that she always wanted affordable wear like leggings that were suitable for more than one occasion. She searched around and did not find anything suitable. Therefore, she decided the best course of action was to design her own line of clothing. Hudson relates that her interest in health and fitness started early. She is the product of a very health conscious and athletic family. This helped to spark her ideas about the company too. Hudson admits that it is extremely difficult to stay motivated to exercise. However, she hopes that her clothing line inspires women to stay active and exercise more.

About Fabletics
Fabletics is a line of athletic wear that was created by Kate Hudson. Their very affordable clothing has tapped into a market that needed to be filled. Fabletics is basically an online retail subscription site. They specialize in trendy athletic apparel. Fabletics offer women a really great deal on clothing. Those that become a VIP member receive a great discount on their first order. Their first outfit is only $25 and it is shipped to their home absolutely free. Afterwards, all outfits are still less than $50 for VIP members. Each month, the site will recommend an outfit for the VIP member. The member has the option to accept the outfit or skip a month. Joining Fabletics is easy. Simply visit the site and take the quiz. The quiz is designed to learn your style. Afterwards, receive customized outfits to select each month. Source: