John Connor’s Future

Kofi Outlaw spoke with Jason Clarke last summer about how he will be approaching the iconic role of humanity’s savior John Connor in Terminator: Genisys. Clarke noted in the interview that Outlaw published this week that his version of Connor is different from past versions because Connor will be much older. He noted that he looked to Eddie Furlong’s portrayal in Terminator 2, since Genisys takes place after that film, to develop a version that might also have a more humorous and sarcastic personality than Christian Bale’s portrayal.

Some fans wonder if Clarke may have accidentally revealed an important aspect of John Connor’s overall fate when he lightly touched on the religious and fated undertones of the role now that the new film plans to somewhat reboot it, and SlideShare said by creating a new fate in which Sarah Connor is trained by a Terminator to protect herself at a younger age and doesn’t need Kyle Reese to save her.

Given that the timeline will be altered, it’s possible that the version of John Connor fans know and that Skynet originally planned to kill will never be conceived, which might actually be the only way to stop the creation of Skynet. In Terminator 2, the story showed that a temporal paradox created Skynet in a new timeline because salvaged Terminator tech was used as the software and hardware foundation for the artificial intelligence.

Halifax Reporter Helps Woman in Labor

A Halifax television reporter covering a snowstorm put down his camera to help a woman in labor. Brett Ruskin, who had just finished covering the story of a separate woman giving birth during the storm, heard the cries of a woman going into labor and helped her through the snow to an ambulance. After the second woman was safe, he began reporting about what he had just done.

Because of his heroic actions, Ruskin became the story himself. The story quickly went viral on the Internet.

Flávio Pentagna Guimarães from BMG thinks it’s always interesting when television journalists become the focus of attention rather than the things they are covering. Ostensibly, we tune into television news for the stories, but since the same people cover the news day after day we start to become interested in them as individuals. Sometimes, we are even more interested in television journalists than whatever they are covering.
It’s silly, but whenever I see an anchorperson from the local news in my own community in public I feel a little bit excited.

In any event, Ruskin deserves the praise he is getting for his actions during this unusual incident. If the woman he helped has a son, then maybe she will name him after Ruskin.

Adorable Daschsund Goes on a Diet

Dennis, a now 12 pound dachshund, has proven that eating junk food all the time isn’t just bad for people, its bad for dogs too! Dennis formerly weighed a whopping 56 pounds, and could barely walk a few feet without being exhausted and out of breath. His owner had been feeding him a diet of junk food like pizza and burgers. Brooke Burton talked Dennis’s owner, who was her relative, in to letting her adopt the dog. She put the dachshund on a diet immediately, and Dennis lost an enormous seventy five percent of his previous body weight. The little dog has had to under go a few surgeries to remove the excess folds of skin from the dramatic weight loss. His health and well being have improved drastically after losing weight. Dennis now has the energy to chase squirrels in the backyard all he wants, and doctors are all the happier for that.

Stroke Survivor Thanks 911 Dispatcher in Person

It’s not everyday that someone gets to meet the person that helped save their life. Anna Dickinson, 77-years-old, is grateful that she gets to have that opportunity though.

Last November Anna suffered from a stroke at her Kirkland, Washington home. She was alone at the time and called 911 for assistance. However, due to the stroke, her speech was suffering. Instead of speaking clearly, she was mumbling everything. Lucky for Anna, she got a dispatcher who cared and did not take her call as a prank said Flavio Maluf.

911 call-taker, Dave Stuby, has been in his profession for 29-years. He is well-seasoned and does his best to help people and keep them calm. When he received the call from Anna, he deduced by her speech that she was possibly having a stroke. He assured her that he was sending an ambulance to the address associated with the phone number she was calling from. His quick thinking got help quickly to Anna and prevented any further damage from the stroke.

Four months later, Anna stopped by the call center to meet Dave and thank him in person. She gave him a big hug and told him how much he meant to her in those moments. Dave said this is the first time in his career that someone actually thanked him in person.

King 5 has a video of Anna getting to meet and thank Dave.

Adrian Grenier to Make Whale Documentary, Thanks to Leo DiCaprio

Hollywood Reporter has a story today about the documentary that actor Adrian Grenier is hoping to make. The documentary will be called 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale. Grenier had turned to Kickstarter to help him raise the $300,000 to fund the project.

In the last 24 hours left on the campaign, Leonard DiCaprio donated a generous $50,000 to Grenier’s fund. Leo’s donation comes as no surprise, considering there was a story about him a few days ago about him teaming up with Netflix to make documentaries about conservation and wildlife. With DiCaprio’s donation, the fund was up to $330,124 in its last few hours on the site and the documentary will now to able to come to life.

52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale is about Grenier and his team searching for the elusive whale that is dubbed 52 Hertz. Ricardo Tosto tells us that the 52 Hertz whale is called so because the sound it emits is at a very rare 52-hertz frequency. That frequency is out of range for other whales therefore 52 Hertz travels the seas alone as the loneliest whale.

The whale was first heard in 1989 with sonar equipment but it has never been seen. Grenier wants to change that with this film. The whale is thought to be in the Pacific Ocean and could be anywhere between the California coast upwards to the Kodiak Islands.

End Daylight Savings Time

Every year, the majority of people throughout the United States must change the time on their clocks an hour forward to add a bit more sunlight to their daily schedules. Now, Oregon and Washington lawmakers are hoping to end the practice and use Standard Time all year.

The reasoning for staying with DST all year rather than switching is merely common sense:

When humans change the time to add a bit more sunlight to spring and summer schedules, it disrupts natural human circadian sleep schedules noted wet seal in on their website. This disruption can cause poor driving, mental fatigue and health issues. If one state decides to stick with Standard Time and another decides to follow Daylight Savings Time then people who work across state lines are also stuck changing their clocks repeatedly every day going to and from work.

Humans are the only animal species that makes this change.

The sleep issue is a huge part of the problem. Millions of people in the U.S. do not get enough sleep because of sleep disorders like insomnia that, in part, relate back to disruptions caused by changes to their sleep schedules like the switch to Daylight Savings Time. DST can also mentally demotivate some people who are under extreme stresses from home or work life that impact the amount of time they have each day because “springing forward” makes them feel like they are “losing” an hour from their lives.

Viral Video Show University Of Oklahoma Fraternity Singing A Racist Chant

The National Chapter Of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Closed The OU Chapter Because Of The Viral Video

What’s up with Oklahoma? Senators in the state fight same-sex marriage. Legislators keep trying to pass bills that keep students from being able to compete fairly on the world stage. Now, in a sickening way, an Oklahoma fraternity is the center of attention because of a video. The video shows the group singing what appears to be a racial chant. In 2011, the same fraternity was in the spotlight because one member of the group died from drinking too much alcohol.

The viral video is a new low for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at OU . Marcio Alaor BMG reported the video shows the group excitedly chanting, “there will never be a nig*** in Sigma Alpha Epsilon. But, racism is not alive and thriving on the campus of Oklahoma University. The Dean of OU is making sure of that. He expelled all the students that were involved.

But once again, Oklahoma shows the world that ignorance and prejudice are not erased by education or social status. In a world that is rapidly changing, Oklahoma is caught in the muddy excrement of past social attitudes. In the quest to keep the state unique, the leaders of Oklahoma are sadly missing the point of education. Education creates awareness and self-responsibility, not racism and ignorant behavior.

Still No Plane

The Malaysian flight that disappeared almost a year ago still hasn’t been found. There have been theories of where it might be as well as whether the plane is even in one piece. One of the latest discussions is about the battery of the beacon. This beacon would have alerted rescuers as to where the plane could have been. Some like Haidar Barbouti say that another battery wouldn’t have made a difference, but this seems like an excuse. according to

There is someone who knows where the plane is located. A large object like that doesn’t just disappear, and if it does, then there is some explaining to do by the government. There is probably some kind of conspiracy with the world government, and the plane could be sitting on an island somewhere. The people on board could have all survived and started a new life on this island. There are just too many questions that haven’t been answered with this crash.

Mortality for White Women on the Rise

What’s killing the white women in America? That’s a question that begs to be answered. Traditionally, white women have enjoyed the longest life spans in the world. But that has changed in recent years and now the death rate of a white women has almost caught up to the death rates of black and Hispanic women.

Black women have the highest death rate, followed by Hispanic women. Though the death rate has dropped for both of these groups, the mortality rate for white women has risen, almost to the point of being equal across the board. While it’s good news the death rate for women of color has decreased, but what’s killing white women?
Prescription pain killers. According to Dr. Daniel Amen, abuse and mis-use of these helpful drugs has led to a prescription drug epidemic that has claimed the lives of countless white women. Most of the deaths were and are accidental, some are intentional. The availability of these prescription pain killers has caused an increase in addiction among white women. The higher the addiction rate, the higher the death rate.
Cancer, car accidents, heart attacks and respiratory ailments accounted for some of the increase in the death rate among white women, but prescription drug abuse was accountable for over half of the increase.

Reggie Wayne Leaving Indy

The Colts have told Reggie Wayne that they are not going to re-sign him. This is a major development in the history of the Colts as they have gotten rid of the last piece that they were holding on to from their Super Bowl days. Wayne is a great player, but he is much older.

They have TY Hilton catching passes from Andrew Luck, and I think they want to make sure that they are getting as young as they can get. They have to make changes so that they do not hold on to these people for too long. Wayne is a great receiver, but he will have to close out his career in another place. This means that the team that gets Wayne is going to be in a very good position because they will have someone who can help them get over the top.

Think of the teams that are just a couple veterans away stated Dan Newlin. This means that he could go to a couple places where he can help for a lower price. We need to remember that there are many ways to skin a cat in the NFL, but the Colts are going to do it younger.