George Soros: The Hand Up

George Soros made himself one of the 30 wealthiest people on Earth. With a net worth of $24.9 Billion, Soros has been able to give over $11 billion to philanthropy. Despite his fortune, all that wealth hasn’t gone to his head. He has made supporting social justice an important detail of his life. Closing the income gap between classes on, ending gender discrimination, and fighting police brutality are just some of the worthy causes he’s taken up. Always a man of the times the refugee crisis of Europe has been on his mind. Like everything he does, George Soros faces this challenge with his head firmly on his shoulders and an eye firmly locked on the bigger picture.

In contrast to the inflammatory and xenophobic rhetoric that has taken over the debate surrounding Syrian refugees seeking asylum, Soros looks to give a helping hand to those in need on He proposes that the European Union take in at least a million refugees annually. Each refugee should receive $16,000 to help pay for living expenses, healthcare, and education. While these refugees are living in Europe their counterparts in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey must not be neglected. Funds would also be allocated to assist the refugees in those countries to the tune of about $10 billion Euros as well.

George Soros doesn’t want to simply throw money at the problem and hope that it goes away. The current network of asylum systems found among the member countries of the EU would have to be integrated into one single network. Improvement to the Border Guard must be made in order to better regulate the flow of migrants. Providing safe passage for the migrants into Europe will absolutely be a top priority. The actions of government alone will not be enough to solve this problem. Charities, churches, and NGOs will need to step in support the efforts to assist these migrants. The refugee crisis will demand a team effort.

The words of George Soros are not something to be taken lightly. George Soros ability to make accurate predictions and invest money have gotten him where he is today. In today’s tense political environment anger and short-term plans have taken precedence over the best interests of everyone. Nativist demagogues threaten to bring back the frightening policies of the past. George Soros is one of the strongest forces fighting against this trend. Looking at his previous endeavors, it seems like he will succeed.

Where Do All the Divas Go?

Where do they go? Those prime-time beauties who captured our hearts, our envy, and our righteous indignation. Where are they now? Those beautifully powerful woman who were divas long before the word became synonymous with the catty and hateful of the feminine gender. What are they doing now? Those unfairly gorgeous ladies who lived those over the top life styles and wore unique and stylish outfits that we all adored. Where do these lovely ladies go when their careers have come to a screeching halt and the demand for them is not as great as it once was? Well, if they’re lucky, they go to reality television. Reality television is the newest format in network television and it promises to reinvent and reinvigorate the careers of former stars.

Seventy-five percent of television programming is built around scripted reality shows. Known for their gratuitous drama, these shows also provide a new lease on life for popular stars who are not as popular as they once were.

The television series Queens of Drama is the newest kid on the reality television series block. The show reunites a bevy of soap opera and prime-time actresses who come together on a production project hoping it will be made into a series. Queens of Drama pits these headstrong divas against one another and waits for sparks to fly.

The drama premieres Sunday, April 26 directly following the Daytime Emmy Awards. The thirty minute formatted show features actresses Lindsay Hartley (All My Children, Days of Our Lives); Crystal Hunt (Guiding Light, One Life to Live); Vanessa Mareil (Las Vegas, General Hospital); Chrystee Pharris (Passion, General Hospital);Hunter Tylo (The Bold and Beautiful; Donna Mills (Knots Landing, Melrose Place);and Joan Collins (Dynasty).

Crystal Hunt one of the featured actresses will take on the roles of the show’s antagonist. Ms. Hunt who is best remembered for the tortured soul she portrayed in The Guiding Light and One Life to Live is no stranger to drama, but the Clearwater, Florida native always has maintained her poise and beauty through it all. writes that Hunt who is an star of commercials, film, and day time soaps is also an emmy nominated actress. Crystal Hunt will not disappoint in this new role. She will bring all that the show needs to succeed.  Given her proven talent on her YouTube highlight reel, she definitely has the chops for television.  For more on Crystal, be sure to check out her official website, in addition to her official Facebook fan page.

White Shark Media Flaunts its Flaws

All too often in this day and age of content marketing and social media self-promotion companies bore us to death endless self-proclamations and unabashed self-praise. Perhaps that is why it’s absolutely unheard of to read a company critique itself shortcomings on their own blog.

Glass Door exclusively says for a marketing and advertising company to report on itself not only to their own existing client base, but to prospective clients as well. Well had I not read it myself I wouldn’t have believed it, but White Shark Media, the Adwords specialist company has done just that.

On their blog appears the post, Typical Complaints from White Shark Media Clients and How We Make Sure They Never Happen Again, so not just an admission of what it hasnÕt done exactly perfectly, but they have personalized it to their business specifically, not just what’s inherent with most Adwords providers (though I suspect these issues exists with all like providers). In any case, White Shark Media wasn’t Shy about letting it all hang out for the world to see.

So one or two of the issues were moderately routine but it was the non-routine response to a typical account problem that stood out above all others.

Again all were items one might expect when a successful business, one who’d had some success with its own Adwords campaigns would experience when deciding to take the leap and let specialists handle their greatest source of web traffic. Namely, lack of communication; what wasn’t expected was the response in how the company provided proof and a system to ensure it wouldn’t be re-occurring.

To combat the communication issue, and what now is a matter of regular account maintenance every 30 days (or more frequently if requested), each client meets with their individual SEM Strategist (after receiving their monthly written report) and has a meeting of the minds via GoToMeeting. White Shark Media enables the share a screen feature and goes through the comprehensive report as well as their Adwords account and discusses each item individually –,28.htm.

Not surprisingly, new and old clients alike had a very positive response to this procedural change. Not only does this combat any confusion as to what’s on the report, but such a system ensures when a client’s next report is out they will know precisely what each item on the report addresses.

Further addressing the communication issue was the publishing of individual phone extensions, not just of a client’s contact SEM Specialist, but of their supervisor as well. Now, even if your account person is out of the office clients have an educated person with authority with experience and knowledge to speak to. An added bonus is that supervisors only manage a handful of SEM specialists, so they have knowledge of that specialists client accounts.

So while the social media network is littered with companies and advertising agencies blowing their own respective horns, here’s an agency that goes beyond the basic tenants of transparency and publishes their mistakes, and their solutions. Now if they could just spread this movement throughout the web what a better web we’d have.

Watch the replay here:

Wen by Chaz Put to the Test

Wen hair cleansing conditioner was tested out by an editor for Bustle in an attempt to add some shine and volume to her normal hair. She wrote about her experience using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner for Bustle and wanted her readers to see the actual results on a normal person’s hair, rather than just believing the incredible claims from the famous Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner infomercials on tv and ebay ads. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner was a hit in real life, too. She let the before and after pictures speak for themselves in showing readers what a difference the Wen hair by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner made on her own hair.

WEN hair cleansing conditioner is free from any sulfates, which can do serious damage to hair over time. It also helps simplify your daily hair care routine because it uses a five-in-one formula to replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner receives rave reviews for its amazing results on all different types of women’s hair and ability to make hair healthier and shinier in just one use. For best results, using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner as part of your daily hair care routine over time is recommended. Wen hair cleansing conditioner works best when it is applied liberally to the tips or ends of hair because it is specifically designed to help lock in moisture and repair split ends. After washing your hair with the cleansing conditioner, you can apply an extra pump of the product to the ends of your hair to help give it a polished look when styled and protect the ends from any heat damage from styling tools, like a straightener or curling iron. The cleansing conditioner should help cut down on the time for your styling process.



Beneful: Write an Article About 4-5 of Their Products

Beneful dog food knows your pet is like family. That is why you care about what you feed them. You want to make sure they have a nutritionally balanced meal that helps them maintain their health, keep a soft coat of fur and give them the energy they need to exercise and play.

That is why Beneful makes a variety of different types of dog food. Beneful understands each dog is different. One dog may prefer beef flavor while another dog may prefer the flavor of chicken, turkey or pork. Your dog will never be bored with the same dog food day after day. You can mix a variety of different flavors to make their meal time exciting and flavorful.

Try Beneful dry dog food. This dog food contains antioxidant-rich nutrients that will help your dog maintain his youth and vitality. It offers a combination of tender and crunchy morsels dogs gobble down. You can get a variety of different flavors of meat, mixed with tomatoes, carrots and wild rice for a combination your dog will get excited for.

Beneful also makes a wet dog food. Some dogs prefer a texture that is easier to chew and swallow. That is why Beneful makes a wet dog food. The meat is chopped and blended with carrots, peas and wild rice. Dogs love the flavor sensations of this wet dog food combination.

Purinastore Beneful also makes dog treats called Smile Dental Ridges. These treats will make your dog’s tail wag in anticipation. You will have no problem training your dog to beg for these snacks. They also help reduce plaque and any tartar on your dog’s teeth. Your pet is sure to maintain strong bones and will also benefit from fresh breath with these treats.

Another dog treat made by Beneful is called Baked Delights Hugs. These snacks are made with beef and cheese. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, your dog will jump for job when it’s time for this treat.

Whether you are looking for a meal or a snack for your dog, look no further than Beneful. They offer a variety of flavors, textures, nutrients and treats for your best friend. Make your dog happy and healthy. Feed him Beneful. Feel free to check the Beneful Youtube Channel:


Madison Street Capital: A Highly Reliable Investment Banking Firm

Looking for information about Investment banking firms? Want to know why Madison Street Capital comes highly recommended in the industry?

Understanding, analyzing, and defining value is the very foundation of the firm, Madison Street Capital on Their professionals are well experienced and utilize top notch analytical tools and financial services techniques to provide the best quality service. With their quality resource and skills these professionals are able to determine precisely the objective enterprise value.

Investment banking has two ways of carrying out or conducting business for clients. And the first is trading, also known as ‘the sell.’ This is also called industry coverage, and it primarily involves the trading of securities for cash and the promotion of securities such as research and underwriting. The industry coverage sector usually focuses on a specific area such as technology or healthcare.

The other main aspect of the investment banking field like Madison Street Capital is the ‘buy’ side, which is also known as product coverage. In this component of investment banking, investment banks deal with hedge funds, mutual funds and pension funds for consumers of their goods, also called the investing public.

Madison Street Capital has an established history of rendering top value in a wide variety of industries, including emerging growth firms and large corporations. They handle both buy-side and sell-side deals, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, and special committee assignments. Madison Street Capital has a team of experienced and dedicated experts who guides their clients through the entire process of the transactions, including corporate divestiture process. Madison Street Capital advice and professional guidance maximize value swiftly and seamlessly in ownership transition.

Madison Street Capital is one of the most credible investment banking firm out there. The company on has actually been been rendering excellent services to clients for many years and has numerous clients who are completely satisfied with the receives they have received. There are lots of companies offering to provide you with investment banking solutions and related services but not all these firms have the proficiency to obtain satisfactory outcomes for clients.

It is advisable to go with a company with highly qualified and dedicated professionals who have the quality resources and expertise to guide you to success. That’s where Madison Street Capital comes in. As a trusted investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital’s talented team of seasoned investment and banking professionals works side-by-side with clients to create and execute successful strategies.

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Sam Tabar Stands Up For Africans

In the last few decades, many Africans have been hard hit by all kinds of problems. Famine and drought have plagued this region, making it hard for many Africans to survive at all. Perhaps the biggest problem in the region, however, has been the AIDS epidemic. This terrifying infection has taken the lives of thousands of Africans since it was first identified. Many victims include young children who have been orphaned as a result. Lawyer and investor Sam Tabar has understandably been moved by the plight of many young Africans. Like so many of us, he wants to do everything he can to help. This is why he has started a Go Fund Me account to help provide them with the kind of assistance they deserve.

Support for AWI

AWI is the African Wellness Initiative. This charitable organizations aims to help combat poverty and HIV infection in Africa by bringing aid to regions of the continent where is often not available. Lawyer Sam Tabar knows the importance of providing such lifesaving aid. This is why he has set up a site to help raise funds to provide assistance for poor Africans hard hit by the plague of AIDS and struggling as a result.

Moved by Their Plight

On Twitter Sam Tabar has described that he has long sought to be involved in many kinds of charity efforts. As part THINX, a company that seeks to provide economic help for African women, he has seen how much the region needs qualified and caring people like himself to create jobs, provide access to medical care and allow Africans to develop their full potential. He knows that far too many residents of this part of the world face all kinds of serious challenges in life. This is why he wants to help. He knows caring people like him can make a real difference here and offer the kind of help that can help people become more self-sufficient.

Raising Awareness

Above all, Tabar seeks to help raise awareness of the plight of many people in this part of the world. He knows that many people want to help but aren’t always sure where to begin. He understands this is why it is so very important to support efforts by organizations like the African Woman’s Alliance. Such organizations not only help raise funds. They also help raise awareness. He hopes to continue his fundraising efforts on their behalf for many years.

New Businesses Can Learn From the Best

There are a lot of things you can learn as a new business, but some of the most important things are going to come from studying those that came before you. You may be wondering where to start or what you need to do. The good news is that the way has already been paved for you.

Where to Start

There are several places you can start like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital  when you are starting your business. One of the most important things to know is what you want to do. You really need to start a business with something that is important to you. This way when things get hard, you will be able to keep going with it. This is something you can learn from Stephen Murray. He started him business from the ground up because he loved what he did. He also shares him knowledge with others that want to learn about keeping their business going once they get it started.

What Business Does Well?

There are a lot of different businesses that can be started at any time. Most are going to get somewhere only because the person on Linked In who started them is passionate about the business and want to make it work through everything that may come up.

Another thing a business really needs is to have a business plan. This will act as a guide through the entire business. It can give insight into how much the business is going to make and what the owners may spend. This is another place that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has a lot of experience with. He created a business plan that helped him business get from the starting place to what it is now. He had the ability to get things done.

There are a lot of things to consider when starting a business. These are only a couple of things to consider when you are starting out. You will want to do your research so you can start the best business you can. Make sure you are doing something that you love and you will be happier than you have ever been before.

WEN By Chaz: Creating Beautiful Hair, One Bottle At A Time


When it comes to all in one shampoos and conditioners, WEN by Chan is looking to be the best that you can get in a bottle. You’ve likely seen the infomercials about the products or maybe you have a bottle or two in your own bathroom. Whatever the case it’s popularity is still on the rise. One girl by the name of Emily McClure decided to use the cleansing conditioner from Wen for 7 days to see how it affected her thin hair.

In her own words, she said that “I noticed that while I was massaging in the product, my hair felt almost thicker. It seems crazy, but it actually felt like I had more hair.” This was during the first usage. She also noticed ‘zero strands of hair‘ in the shower drain which never happens, she stated. By the end of the third day using all of her normal products as well, she remained impressed with her hairs healthy feel and looks. On the seventh day, the test was over and the result was that WEN did the trick.

If you haven’t tried WEN or you were thinking about it, why not give your hair the WEN treatment and see the results for yourself? With brands on Amazon like Spring Honey Lilac, with it’s antioxidant rich four tea complex and Mandarin Italian Fig to relax the stresses from your hair and make it sing. The whole goal of the product is to simplify your hair care. There are even special edition scents like Pink Jasmine Peony to have you feeling fantastic about your hair day.

Whatever your hair type may be, WEN by Chaz wants to take the confusion out of your daily hair care and simplify your beauty routine. For the whole story from, click the link here.




Igor Cornelsen Gives You Better Investing Options

I have definitely learned a lot by following the investment advice of Igor Cornelson. He has been very instrumental in helping me build the right portfolio. I take his advice to heart because he is one of those investors that wants to help others. I have found a lot of success with his principles and I continue to pay attention to everything that he has done down through the years. He has the ability to provide such valuable wisdom because he has been involved in so many different facets of investing.

Cornelsen is the best when it comes to providing quality information about investing. He has managed to open my eyes to the Brazilian Index fund. I have discovered that I can go beyond the boundaries that I had before. This is so incredibly awesome. I don’t feel scared about investing because Igor has given me a piece of information that has helped me with every stock I consider. He taught me how to spread out my money over many different investments.

Cornelsen has more or less stated that the easiest way to lose your shirt in the investment business is by falling in love with a couple of stocks. He warns of these mistakes that investors make when they fail to diversify. I have been a witness to this because my brother once put a lot of his money in to Circuit City and Winn Dixie stocks. I could understand how he believed that both would thrive because at one time both companies were doing great. He didn’t do the research though. He only thought that these companies would be great investments because he loved to shop at both of these places. Both companies had stock prices that plummeted. One of the businesses shut down a lot of stores; the other one closed completely. He would have certainly benefited from the advice that Igor Cornelsen has provided.

I like what Igor has said about spreading investments in a lot of different areas. This makes a lot more sense because all companies can go through a rough patch at times. You have to get other investments in place to hold the portfolio together when some companies are having issues. I think that Igor Cornelsen has investors looking at international investing because it gives you balance. You don’t have to put everything into international stocks, but you don’t have to stay locked in American stocks either. Spreading out your funds over a variety of choices gives a much better pool of investment choices. Cornelsen is the professional that many people appreciate because he has real world experience. He is talking about things that he has firsthand knowledge of.