TOWN Residential: A Leader in Luxury Real Estate

Founded in 2010 by by Andrew Heiberger, TOWN Residential is New York’s leading luxury real estate firms. The specialty of TOWN Residential is the sale and rental of high-end, luxury residences and rentals. They also specialize in the marketing, sales, and leasing of property developments such as condominiums.

Heiberger made the decision to stay in luxury real estate after the 2008 economic crisis. He felt that it would be more challenging and exciting. In 2010 TOWN was created and has ten offices in Manhattan and one office in Brooklyn.

TOWN views other luxury real estate firms as collaborators as opposed to competitors. In the majority of deals, all parties receive an even amount of commission.

In 2012, TOWN was named one of the top fifty places to work in NYC apartments for rent. TOWN treats everyone equally whether it be a client, customer, representative (broker), or staff member. All employees of TOWN are handpicked. TOWN prides itself in it’s transparency and customer service.

TOWN has a deep commitment to both internal and external transparency. In the first half of 2015, TOWN boasted a 22% increase over the first half of 2014 closing with $1.188 billion in sales and leasing volume. By June 30, 2015, TOWN Residential reported a 35% increase over June 30, 2014 with 513 sales and 1,543 leasing transactions.

TOWN Residential also has a large social media presence as well as participating in market research. They advertise and post photos via Instagram. TOWN also created and launched a very complete real estate and social media campaign called “Look Up New York.” TOWN sees social media as a large part of their communication. TOWN also uses market research to help identify trends. Again, it all comes down to transparency.

TOWN Residential is an amazing company with an extremely strong leader. Andrew Heiberger has built a strong company by being a visionary and “leading the leaders”. He encourages everyone to reach their goals and is a mentor to them. This combined with TOWN’s commitment to transparency and customer service are what make it a top real estate firm.

Adam Sender Is An Art Collector Willing To Share His Art

The people who choose to collect art for themselves are people who appreciate beauty more than the average human. They are able to find the right pieces and put them together to create the most exquisite of collections. Their eye for beauty is unmatched by anyone else, and it is lucky for everyone who could never do something like that that there are people who can do it. Especially when the art collectors decide to put their art on display for the world to see.

Art collectors have a good sense of what makes a piece of art something of value, and they are able to determine which pieces should go together to make a collection that will wow everyone who sees it. Adam Sender is a great art collector, and the collection that he has put together is something that will leave people feeling inspired. The beauty in each of the pieces alone is something great, but when they are all together in the collection they are even better. Check out Adam Sender’s LinkedIn.

Adam Sender has put together the beautiful collection, and now he is willing to share it with as many people as possible. He and his wife have decided together that they would like to have the art put on display, and they are doing that at his Miami home. They are excited to get people in there to check out the art collection that he has put together.

There are all kinds of art collectors, and Adam Sender is one of the best. Not only does he have a good eye for art, and not only has he put together an art collection that has been able to leave many people in awe, but he is also willing to share the art with others. Not every art collector does that.

Finding Your New York City Apartment Is As Easy As Making A Phone Call

It can be so amazing to get your first apartment, especially when living in New York City. You look forward to this day for so long, and when the time comes to start looking for a new apartment, you can’t find anything that you like. You look in magazines, you’ve checked out the local newspaper, and you’ve even gone online to search for your new apartment. You get so sick and tired of looking for an apartment that you may start to feel like you should stay at home with your parents. Although independence can be a great thing when it comes time to move into your own place, it can be a hard thing to find your new apartment.

If you need help looking for an apartment in New York City luxury real estate, then you need to call Town Real Estate. Not only does Town Real Estate have many different listings when it comes to homes, but they have apartments available as well. There are a lot of apartments available in New York City, and some of them are extremely luxurious, and they may be places that you can live in for years to come. Some people may want to start out with an apartment that they can just sleep in at night, but others may want an apartment that they can entertain in.

If you want a superior apartment that is good enough for you to live in for many years, then you’ll want to work with Town Real Estate. Town Real Estate only lists luxury apartments as well as other luxury homes. The apartments that are listed with Town Real Estate are some of the best in New York City, and you won’t believe how beautiful and spacious these places are. Although every apartment is different, you can choose which apartment is best for you, and many of these places are great for those who are looking for their first apartment.

Don’t feel that because you’re looking for an apartment that it’s any less of a task than looking for a new house. Wherever you plan on making yourself at home, it’s important to choose a home that you can look forward to living in every day. If you know you’re going to live in a place for a year or more, then wouldn’t it be wise to make sure that the place is somewhere that you love? Town Real Estate has many apartments available that you’ll love to call your own, and you can get access to these places by giving them a call. Once you give Town Real Estate the information they need to find you a new apartment, then you can start checking out the different places they have to offer, and you might find your new home.

Destination: Squaw Valley Ski Resort


It’s summertime, which means now is the perfect opportunity to daydream about winter skiing. In this post, I’d like to take a look at Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which is an ideal destination for any skier, regardless of ability or age.

Located in northern California, Squaw Valley Ski Resort is one of the largest ski areas in the United States. With a grand total of 30 chairlifts, and over 177 runs, the resort is home to some of the best skiing in the United States. Its longest run is Mountain Run, which clocks in at an impressive 3.2 miles.

In addition to the great lift system and large number of trails, the area boasts several fun activities. For starters, skiers can jump on the aerial tramway for a beautiful view of the region. At the end of the tram, skiers can explore several different facilities, including a pool, roller skating, dining, shopping and disk golf.

CEO Andy Wirth has put together an impressive resume during his tenure with the resort. For starters, he’s implemented a $70 million upgrade, improving the mountain design and infrastructure, the culinary and base area facilities, and the lodging and common areas, all funded by KSL Capital Partners, an organization that bought the resort in 2010. Wirth has developed the resort, making into something special with retaining the original charms that have made it a destination for decades.

I know I mentioned how much I’m daydreaming about skiing, but I have to be honest. Squaw Valley is a great in the summertime, too. The area hosts several summer events that take place annually in the village and surrounding areas. Every July, accomplished yoga instructors and popular music performers visit for a special festival event. In addition, the Squaw Valley Community of Writers visit each summer. If that isn’t enough to entice you, the Brews, Jazz and Funk Fest, as well as the Peaks and Paws and Bluesdays all take place during summers at Squaw. Need I say more? I will anyway.

With all the yearlong excitement that takes place at Squaw Valley, I may just have to cancel my daydreaming plans and head to the resort for a little summer getaway. It’s worth mentioning that Andy Wirth and staff have over the past five years put together a top-notch, internationally recognized resort area. All in all, I’d say Squaw Valley sounds like a trip worth taking.

Stephen P. Murray: Private Equity Investor, Philanthropist, And Family Man

Stephen P. Murray of CCMP Capital was a man driven to excel. Born on August 2,1962, he graduated from Boston College with a degree in Economics. Next Murray participated in the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s credit analyst training program. He then went on to Columbia Business School where he earned an MBA. After graduation, he took a position with MH Equity Corporation, a combination of the leveraged financed unit and the private equity group of Manufacturers Hanover. Chemical Bank purchased Manufacturers Hanover in 1991 and merged Chemical Venture Partners and MH Equity. Chemical Venture Partners changed its name to Chase Capital Partners when Chase Manhattan Corporation merged with Chemical Bank in 1996.

Murray moved to JP Morgan Partners in 2005 and became the head of its buyout business. In August 2006, JP Morgan Chase spun off its private equity group’s growth equity and buyout team and chose Murray to co-found the new company. It was called CCMP Capital and Murray was its president and CEO. Murray made his mark and much money as a private equity investor for CCMP Capital. The firm handled growth equity and buyout transactions. Stephen Murray was also on the board of AMC Entertainment, Aramark, Cabela’s, Generac Power Systems, Legacy Hospital Partners, Pinnacle Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Warner Chilcott.

Murray was also very generous with his time, talent, money, and other resources. He supported and was a member of Metro New York’s Make a Wish Foundation chairman’s council. He also gave time and money to the Lower Fairfield County food bank. His philanthropy also extended to the Stamford Museum and Columbia Business School. He was also very active at another of his alma mata’s, Boston College. The school was very close to Murray’s heart and he did what he could to show his support for it. At Boston College he served as the board of trustees’ vice chairman.

While his job was very important to him, the most important thing in his life was his family. His wife Tami and their 4 children were the apple of his eye. Being with them each evening made all the stress he had to deal with at work for about two and a half decades worthwhile. Murray had handled a number of multibillion-dollar funds for CCMP, was as pillar in his community, and a great husband and father. Unfortunately Stephen P. Murray passed on March 12, 2015 at age 52.

I Train My Dog And I Feed Him Beneful Brand Foods

I believe that exercise is something everyone needs, and I’m a big advocate of exercising my dog as well. I not only care for my dog by making him go on walks with me, but I will train my dog, similar to how I would train one of my clients. I am a personal trainer, and I do exercises outside of my job as well. I have a very healthy dog because I keep him fit, and it’s not only the exercise that does it either. I know that good food helps a person to stay healthy, and the same thing goes for a dog.

Dogs have to have good food in order to be healthy, and they can’t just exercise alone and expect to be healthy. I do everything for my dog, including giving him foods that will help to clean his teeth. My dog has every toy he could possibly ever want, and I reward him every time he achieves something new. I’ve learned a lot of different exercises that dogs can do, and believe me when I tell you that my dog has done every single one of them. Some people feel I’m a bit too strict with my dog, but I guarantee that he likes the exercise he’s getting.

I went outside one day and told the dog I was not going to exercise with him, and he must have understood me because he started to pout. I called him outside, and when I threw the ball for him to catch it, he had no problem running to retrieve it. I know my dog loves to exercise, and I never push him harder than he can manage. When it comes to feeding my dog the best foods, I will only feed him Beneful. In fact, I know someone who works for the company that makes Beneful, and it’s the only food he feeds his dog as well.

I also have a veterinarian that loves to feed her dog Beneful, so I have no problem giving Beneful to my pet. The thing about Beneful is that it’s full of nutrients that the dog needs, especially nutrients that gives him energy. Energy is very important for the exercises that my dog does, so I make sure that he gets the right foods to give him enough energy. I don’t overfeed my dog, no matter how good the food is because I want him to have energy, but I don’t need him gaining weight.

Beneful has wet dog food too, and it’s something that I’ll give my dog once in a while. I really stick to the dry dog food because he loves it, and it does the job just as well as the wet dog food. I plan on doing additional exercise classes at work, so I will not be doing as many exercises at home with my pet. Even though I don’t train my dog as much as I used to, he still maintains his energy by eating Beneful and exercising when he can.

Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most vibrant and stable countries in the world. With the availability of an advanced infrastructural system, huge market and natural resources, more people are developing an interest in investing in Brazil. The time is right, but where do you need to start? The following tips will guide you on how to start investing in Brazil.


The first step you need to take as a potential investor is to carry out a research on the specific are you are looking to invest in. There are numerous resources online and you can easily interact with people on blogs like Blog dos Empereendedores and Saiadolugar. These sites will give you an insight on what to expect once you get to Brazil. Social media platforms can also provide you with unique information

Familiarize yourself with the regulations

Brazil has a set of regulations that you must comply with before entering the market. Nonetheless, once you get around the obstacles, you can be sure that you will get handsome returns in no time.

Seek professional legal advice

Laws in Brazil are quite difficult to grasp and in some cases they may appear contradictory. Despite the fact that there is a lot of information online, most of it is in Portuguese only. Hiring a qualified lawyer will help you determine what to look out for when investing in Brazil.

Reach out to local business

Finding out all you can on investment opportunities in Brazil is crucial. Networks such as SEBRAE feature over 9,000 small businesses, consultants and workers. This is a great platform to ask any questions you may have regarding your investment.

Zeca Oliveira believes that Brazil’s stable economy provides the best climate for any investor. Having born in the late 1980’s, Zeca Oliveira has become a successful and industrious businessman over the years. He is now the President of Bridge Trust Administration and he works with different customers to offer the best service possible.

He recently joined forces with a company called Gradual Investments and Tigress Financial Partners in New York to bring his customers a plethora of products.

Final Hours Before Escaped Killers Caught

When escaped killer Matt and Sweat escaped from the high security Clinton Correctional Facility, it had many scratching their heads as to how these tow inmates made it to freedom. With one inmate shot dead and the other caught, officials are now getting a glimpse into what happened in those final hours before one was killed and the other captured.

With Sweat now talking to authorities, he tells a story of two inmates running and hiding deep in the woods in a desperate attempt to reach the Canadian border. The problem for Sweat was that Matt was moving too slow, and it caused him concern that the authorities were closing in on them. Having no plan but to walk the 20+ miles to the border, they needed to navigate woods that were thick with brush and swamps.

They were both held up in a small cabin, unaware that the entire perimeter owned by businessman Shaygan Kheradpir was surrounded by police when Sweat had simply had enough. He was tired of Matt dragging him down so he ventured on his own. He was able to witness Matt lying on the ground with an assault rifle loaded and ready to fire as police got closer.

What happened next was that Matt coughed, giving up his position, and police ordered him to drop the gun. When he refused, he was shot in the head and killed. Sweat was able to continue on foot, but was later apprehended 2 days later after a trooper spot

Choose FreeedomPop Mobile Wireless Services

You ever find yourself logging onto wifi services, even though you may have a data plan on your phone? Even those with an unlimited data plan may still log onto wifi from time to time, and this is because most data plans will slow down after the usage of so many gigabytes. Maybe a data plan only has 1 GB of 4G speeds, and then after that the speeds can drop to as low as 2G. It can be very frustrating to use a 4G phone at 2G speeds, especially if you have a lot of work to conduct on your phone.

Even those who use mobile devices that connect to wifi service, they do so because maybe they don’t want to pay for a hotspot of their own to connect to wifi. wifi is the most popular way of connecting to the Internet these days, and there are many reasons why people prefer wifi. If you ask anyone, more than likely they will say that they prefer to connect their laptops to wifi, as opposed to putting an ethernet cord on the side of their laptop. It can be a hassle to be stuck to an ethernet cord that’s on a laptop, especially if the person likes to wander around.

Wifi is just more convenient, and as long as the wifi is within range, the person can wander around, and they’ll still be on the Internet. Try being on the Internet and walking around while an ethernet cord is sticking out of the side of your laptop! The point is, wifi is awesome, and over 90% of Internet is accessed through wifi. Anyone who is looking to connect to wifi has several ways of doing this. Maybe they have wifi in their home, or it’s possible that they have a hotspot that they take with them.

Anyone who is looking for their own hotspot, then they can always choose one from FreedomPop. Not only does FreedomPop have great hotspots available, but they are extremely small in size, and some of them can easily fit into your pocket. You can take the mobile hotspot with you, and then you’ll have your own secure wifi that you use any time. Although a mobile hotspot can be very useful, maybe you don’t have the kind of money it costs to have your own private wifi network to take on the road with you.

If you still want to access the wifi while on the road, but maybe you don’t want to pay what it costs for a hotspot, then consider getting FreedomPop’s wifi app, which can allow you to connect to wifi on the go. As long as you’re near any of their millions of hotspots, you can get wifi access that is unlimited. There’s only a five dollar charge each month to access wifi through these hotspots, but it’s impossible to beat that price with any other company. FreedomPop not only wants to offer their customers great services, but they want to offer the services at a lower price than any other company.

To read more about FreedomPop, check out TechCrunch with a full length profile.

Joseph Bismark’s Recipe for Success


Joseph Bismark’s recipe for success differs from the traditional approach to business by adding an extra-large dose of one very special ingredient, spirituality. I was inspired by the tale of a young monk from the Philippines, discussed on the blog, Bring on the Random. This spiritually wealthy young man, against all odds, took over as the Managing Director of the Qi group in 2008 and is on the Board of Directors for Qnet. Prior to this job acquisition, Joseph spent 8 years as an ashram in the mountains of the Philippines. 
I would like to adopt Joseph’s mentality that success in business is attained with internal reflection leading to a spiritual awakening. This opposes the material gains popular with many corporate leaders. It is hard for me to imagine giving up such an opulent lifestyle, as Joseph Bismark did, to return to a life of tranquility and peace. 
I admire Mr. Bismark’s management style. He implements a relaxed, comfortable working environment. Great emphasis is placed on team work. Respect and treating others as they would like to be treated is a mantra that is vital to a positive work experience. Direct sales are made by strongly formed relationships between coworkers. 
RYTHM, the companies corporate Social Responsibility Platform, humbles me and reminds us all of our duties in this regard. Encouraging others can benefit us all. That reward itself should be enough to motivate the business world. The options of what we can “cook up” with this recipe are endless!