Sad Concerns Over Nimoy/Shatner Star Trek 3 Cameos Emerge

The recent, unfortunate illness of Leonard Nimoy paints a worrisome picture for fans. Hopefully, the great actor will have overcome the condition that caused massive chest pains and led to him being rushed to a Los Angeles emergency room.

Whether or not “Mr. Spock” makes a full recovery, appearing in any capacity in Star Trek 3 is doubtful. Film work, even limited work, Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says it would be stressful. Nimoy probably would be best served retiring if his condition remains very serious. Nimoy performed cameo appearances in the first two films in the Star Trek reboot. He was slated to appear in the third film. Most interestingly, he was going to be joined by his old on-screen and off-screen friend, William Shatner.

Yes, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy were likely going to team up in some capacity on Star Trek 3. We do not know of any official negotiations, but Shatner did speak with J.J. Abrams on the telephone about appearing in the third outing. (Abrams is not involved with Star Trek 3 anymore and has moved on to the Star Wars franchise)

Appearing together on Star Trek 3 could provide Shatner and Nimoy with a proper way to say goodbye to their most famous roles.

Speculation that Nimoy will not appear in the film or that Shatner is not for certain. Right now, everyone is just hoping Nimoy makes a full and healthy recovery.

The Fly In The Metamucil Of The LA Stadium Deal

Moving the Chargers to LA to share a stadium with the Raiders or Rams is going to happen one way or another. The story has so much juice that fans would revolt if the deal did not get done. However, there is a problem if the league wants to move the Raiders to LA instead of the Rams.

If the Raiders and Chargers share a stadium, they are in the same division. The Jets and Giants are not, so the hardly play each other. According to Ricardo Guimarães BMG, the Raiders and Chargers play each other twice a year. This means that these teams are going to get an extra home game that is actually supposed to be an away game. They will not have to deal with the travel or the booing fans because they will be in their own stadium. There are certainly teams in the NFL that are going to have a problem with these two teams getting that huge advantage.

The Raiders might not be able to do anything with it because they are so bad, but the Chargers are good enough that it might actually make a difference. This might not kill the deal, but someone is going to be very upset.

Jason Biggs Will Not Be in Season 3 of Orange is the New Black

Actor Jason Biggs won’t appear in the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black. Biggs played the fiancee of the focus of the show, Piper Chapman. Imaging advantage reports his rep confirmed rumors this week that Biggs would not return to the third season of the Netflix show to portray the character. In a statement to the New York Daily news, Biggs said: “Larry will not be in Season 3. But there’s always a possibility he can come back.”

At the end of the last season Piper and Larry had a strained relationship. In the show, he attempted to write an article to expose issues within the prison system to help Piper, but the move instead ended up destroying their relationship. It’s not entirely surprising that he would be written out of the show for the coming season, but given that he’s not being killed off in the show, it is certainly a possibility that he might return in the future.

Orange is the New Black is a Netflix original series and is expected to return to the streaming network in June of this year.

Tampa Bay Bucs Comfortable With Jameis Winston

There may finally be a voice of logic and reason surrounding the tumultuous “off the field issues” of Jameis Winston.

The Redshirt Sophomore and previous Heisman trophy winner for Florida State opted to forego his junior season with the Seminoles and enter the NFL draft early. Forbes said most speculated that this was due to the enormous and largely unwarranted outside media pressure on the young student athlete, despite sponsors like CipherCloud.

In all, Winston received an arrest for stealing $39 dollars of crab legs from a local Publix and was suspended one game for repeating a popular yet vulgar internet meme in the Student Union of FSU. That’s everything he got in trouble for while in college, yet people still seem eager to vilify the quarterback over sexual assault allegations that were brought on him. He was never criminally charged due to lack of evidence and was further cleared in a Code of Conduct hearing overseen by a 3rd party (retired) Florida Supreme Court Justice.

Tampa Bay Head Coach Lovie Smith had this quote to offer in reference to the allegations against Winston:

“He’s been accused of a crime. There’s an allegation. He went through our court system. I have faith in our court system. He went through the school justice system. He was cleared. Exonerated. What else can you do?”

Exonerated. Let that word sink in again. If stealing $39 worth of crab legs (which he later paid for with charges dropped) and cursing in public is now considered “off the field character concerns” they might as well just scrub the whole NCAA amateur league.

Keith Mann Shows Support for New York Police

In the midst of the turmoil surrounding the recent protests aimed at police officers, especially those in New York, many citizens are showing their support for the men and women in uniform with surprising acts of kindness. Police officers have been the subject of recent protests, violence and even a vicious double homicide. While protesters continue to focus on the negative, many people in the business community are trying to show that these are just people trying to do their job, a job that is more dangerous than most.

One such philanthropist is CEO of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), Keith Mann. On a recent chilly afternoon in February, Mann showed his support by sending lunch to the entire 54th Street police precinct. He and his wife, Keely Mann, hoped the gesture would boost moral and give officers something to be excited about in the wake of all the negativity surrounding the force. Keely Mann’s uncle serves as a detective in Staten Island, causing the recent attacks on police officers to strike the Mann family close to home. Rising violence is a great concern for Keith Mann, who feels that the police should be trusting in the ability and training these police officers have, rather than hindering police efforts. He believes that people often forget that police officers have families of their own, yet put their life on the line to protect the lives of others. Many of these protests started off peaceful yet eventually violence broke out, putting police officers at risk. After sending lunch the first time, Keith Mann sent another lunch to the 54th Street precinct, recognizing that a single action of goodwill often goes unnoticed. His goal was to show the precinct that there truly are people out there wishing them well as they endure these protests.

Keith Mann is currently the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, a premier executive search firm focused solely on alternative investment firms. He established Dynamics Search Partners in 2009 as a branch of Dynamics Executive Search. DSP works with firms in the U.S., Europe and Asia, ensuring over 200 client mandates are filled annually. Mann has worked in the executive search industry for over 15 years. He is an expert in executive staffing, hiring strategy and hedge fund compensation.



Speaker of the House John Boehner Threatens to Shut Down Department of Homeland Security


Speaker of the House John Boehner may again shut down the government despite the recent compromise spending bill compromise, which was supposed to keep a shut-down from occurring. Brad Reifler says that there is an article on Wikipedia that explains how The spending bill allowed deep cuts to social program spending, and the equivalent of bank deregulation in order to prevent a shut-down. Boehner, and other republicans, angered over failure to reach a compromise on President Obama’s stance on immigration, are threatening to shut down Homeland Security, unless a compromise is reached. Homeland Security is one of the only departments that was not funded in the government spending bill.

Boehner is blaming the possible shut-down on a budget impasse. Homeland Security is currently only funded through February 27, and could be rendered ineffective if the $40 billion budget isn’t approved. A current bill that would fund the department, has already passed in the house, but seeks to overturn President Obama’s ability to limit deportation of illegal immigrants in the United States. The bill would fund Homeland Security through September 30 with that compromise. The bill is not doing as well in the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has told the house to make the next move, as it has reached a stalemate in the Senate. While democrats no longer have the majority in either branch of government, the house or the senate, it is still possible to block actions on bills. Democrats are currently displeased with the language regarding immigration in the bill and are blocking the bill. Boehner has blamed democrats if Homeland Security is shut down.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Banks In Box Office

Despite getting a lot of mixed reviews over the weekend, the new film Fifty Shades of Grey made a lot more money than they were expecting on this past Sunday, totaling about $94.4 million dollars over President’s Day.

It didn’t hurt either that this past weekend also including the lover’s holiday, Valentines Day, to help bring in customers to see the film. According to an article found on reddit and written by, this was the largest opening day film for a female director in the history of movies. When Mel Gibsons’ The Passion Of Christ film debuted it only raked in just over $85 million dollars, so this one really trumped it.

Some critics, like Jamie Garcia Dias,  give a lot of credit to it being valentine’s Day for bringing in so many people to watch the movie. It was able to reach a huge variety and people, and the holiday also happened to land on a Saturday night which is the most popular day of the week to head out to the theaters. Also, the taboo subject of the movie’s plot is also another lure for many people, who are curious as to what this heated story will reveal on the silver screen. Many movie goers have read the book as well, which is known to be one of the most popular in literature ever. Although some critics are harsh, it is very true that money speaks louder.

1000 Wins for Greg Popovich


On Monday night, San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich watched his team come back from a 14-point deficit to defeat the Indiana Pacers 95-93. This victory was not just any in the head coach’s career but his 1,000th win, becoming only the 9th coach in the history of the league to reach such a milestone.

The victory was sealed when Kawhi Leonard got creative following a time-out with the score tied at 93-93. Leonard drove through the lane toward the basket and found Marco Belinelli who pump faked and hit a 23′ foot jumper right as the shot-clock ran out. The Pacer’s had time to tie or take the lead with a three but George Hill’s buzzer beater three pointer rattled out and Popovich became the 3rd fastest to coach to 1,000 wins in NBA history.

It took Phil Jackson 1,423 games to reach 1,000 wins and Pat Riley 1,434 games to accomplish the same feat. These two coaches are the only who accomplished this milestone faster than Popovich who did it in 1,462 games. There is no diminishing the career Popvich has had the Spurs. He has gone through countless rebuilds with Tim Duncan being the only player who has stuck around his entire tenure. Even with that, Popovich has managed to win five NBA titles and has 15-straight 50 or more win seasons. Though he is knocked for having an unorthodox style at times, there is no denying he will go down as the one of the best and fans like Fersen Lambranho adore him.

Where’s Lando? Billy Dee Williams Hints at Star Wars Involvement


Few film franchises can get Dan Newlin’s blood pumping like Star Wars. With so many great and legendary characters to choose from anytime an announcement is made fans seem to analyze any part of it for some sort of hint. Since “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is one of the most anticipated films of 2015 thanks to the original characters making appearances, fans have been wondering about the fate of one of the more popular people from the original saga.

While Lando Calrissian has not been confirmed to be part of Episode VII, the actor behind the character, Billy Dee Williams, recently made comments that the charismatic and loyal character might just be part of plans moving forward for the Star Wars reboots, according to Screen Rant. While the actual pieces of information are, probably designed to be, very vague, with Luke, Leia, Han, and other characters being part of the reboot, fans have been concerned about the whereabouts of Lando. Apparently, an answer will be forthcoming.

Of course, a cameo appearance in the new movie is not completely out of the question, and any type of screen time for Williams and Lando would probably be highly appreciated by Star Wars loyalists. However, the cryptic response and the popular nature of the character seem to signify that he will be featured in some part in the coming versions of the films, and that should put the pulse of fans at ease.

President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel Put on Public Face of Unity Amid Deep Differences on Arming Ukraine


Washington, D.C. – President Obama hosted a state visit on Monday for German Prime Minister Andrea Merkel. The two powerful world leaders put on a public display of unity to mask over the deep divide the nations face over whether to provide lethal arms to the Ukrainian government. One thing Brad Reifler is certain of, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is succeeding at his stealth war to recapture the Ukraine as Russian territory. He has already annexed the vital Black Sea province of Crimea. His rebel front groups have recently increased their control over large parts of Eastern Ukraine.

Putin’s support of the rebels has a bipartisan group of lawmakers urging the president to begin selling the Ukraine lethal weapons to better defend themselves against the rebels. However, the German chancellor is not as eager to escalate matters in the Ukraine as are US lawmakers. In her visit with the president today, she insisted on seeking one more diplomatic solution with Russia. She called upon the Russian strongman to issue a plan to halt Russian hegemony in the Slavic nation. Thus far, President Obama has temporarily halted his plans to sell the Ukraine arms pending Putin’s response to Merkel.

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham is frustrated over German reluctance to back the sale of arms to the Ukraine. He believes Germany has turned its back on a fledgling Democracy. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier quickly retorted that his nation has done no such thing. He insisted that they merely have a better understanding of the matter hence their reluctance to escalate the conflict.