Knowing How To Supplement Income

One of the things that people need to realize is that it is very important for them to be able to supplement their income. For one thing, the economy has made it so that it is almost impossible for one to support himself with just one stream of income. Often times, the person is very deep into debt and dealing with rising prices.

Therefore, it can be hard to keep up with the bills that is being requested. This is why it is important for the person to be able to supplement his income with something else. Financial advisers can help out in this respect.

Richard Blair is one of the financial advisers that has a lot of experience and success in financial management. He is willing to help his clients look for ways to supplement their income so that they will be able to earn the money that they need in order to achieve financial independence.

One of the best ways that people can supplement their income is by making investments. One of the best ways to make the right investments is to find someone that is willing to work with them on building a steady income stream.

Richard is willing to help in that respect because he not only wants people to be financially independent, but Richard Blair Wealth Solutions also wants them to be able to retire with little to no worries. This is why he recommends that people start planning for retirement sooner than later.

With the fluctuations in prices and other things going on in the markets, there is no telling if it is too late to retire comfortably. This is why Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is willing to help people come up with a solid plan for retirement.

There are also other ways to supplement income. Among the things one can do is do some side jobs for a little bit of extra money.

For one thing, every bit of extra money will help for the person. Therefore, it is important that he finds something that he is good at. It is also important to be wise with the extra money that he gains.

The New Brunswick and Atlantic City DEVCOs

The Heldrich Hotel and Conference Center is a multi-use facility in the heart of downtown New Brunswick. The 11 story facility was completed in 2007 and the hotel has 248 rooms, 48 luxury condominiums, and a 50,000 square foot executive conference center.

The Heldrich was developed by a nonprofit called the New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO) and was financed in part by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority with $20 million it borrowed from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CDRA). The CDRA has made over $1.8 billion in loans designed to stimulate development throughout New Jersey.

The Heldrich has succeeded in bolstering the economy of New Brunswick and has been the model for a similar but much larger project in Atlantic City known as the Atlantic City Gateway Project. The developer in Atlantic City is another nonprofit,the Atlantic City Development Corporation (DEVCO). The Gateway Project has received over $200 million in public and private financing including $19.5 million from the CRDA.

Attorney Chris Paladino is the head of both Atlantic City Development Corporation and the New Brunswick Development Corporation. The Press of Atlantic City has published two articles recently which discuss various aspects of the Heldrich and the Gateway projects and Paladino’s role in both projects.

Unpaid $20 million CRDA loan raises questions about New Brunswick Devco

DEVCO is a leader in urban revitalization which has completed numerous award-winning public projects in New Brunswick.

Securus Technologies Accredited by BICSI

According to the Dallas, PRNewswire published on September 28, 2016, Securus Technologies, a leading service provider of civil and criminal justice solutions will form a partnership with Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). BICSI is a professional association responsible for enhancing the growth of the ICT professionals. The ICT sector covers a spectrum of services such as voice, data, electronic safety and security, project monitoring, and audio technologies. The BICSI credential holders implements, monitor, and maintain ICT programs. The ICT projects involve spaces, pathways, optical fiber, copper-based allocation systems and transportation. BICSI serves over 23,000 ICT professionals via training, conferences, publications, and accreditation in over 100 countries.


According to Danny de Hoyos, the vice president and operations manager for Securus Technologies, partnership with BICSI will help Securus to meet technological training needs because it will boost performance and reliability in correction facilities. With a team of seasoned specialists for over 15 years, Securus has an installation contract with BICSI. Furthermore, Securus believes in the certification and its associated value to the experienced professionals in the ICT sector. The certification adds a unit of expertise to the Securus’ clients.


About Securus Technologies


 Securus Technologies is a premier service provider for correctional facilities, public safety agencies, law enforcement, and correction agencies. Securus Technologies serves over 1,200,000 prisoners across North America and commits to creating a safe environment by channeling information to the right recipients. Securus Technologies provides emergency response, public information, incident management, biometric analysis, and inmate self-service and investigation services.


Headquartered in Dallas Texas, Securus Technologies commits to providing solutions to diverse, complex challenges in correction facilities. Securus Technologies solutions and services are tailored to assist law enforcement agencies to gather and dispense information to meet the needs of correctional facilities. Securus Technologies’ core value is to provide reliable, safe solutions to make the world a better place.

Thor Halvorssen Reveals His Personal Experiences Shape His Future

Thor Halvorssen is not your average human rights activist spending his days in meetings and demonstrations protected by members of law enforcement; instead, Thor Halvorssen looks to place himself at risk of personal injury as he looks to help others escape the closed societies of dictators and tyrants. Read more:  Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

The past of Thor Halvorssen has seen his own family deeply affected by the issues of human rights and their loss; Halvorssen watched as his own father was imprisoned and tortured after revealing the many layers of corruption various government agencies covered up in relation to the drugs trade in Venezuela.

The history of Thor Halvorssen takes him across many different areas of the world from his native Venezuela, to North America, and Northern Europe. Halvorssen has not only spent much of his life in education at the University of Pennsylvania, but spent a large amount of his teenage years looking to become an activist to protect others who may be affected by a loss of human rights.

Halvorssen has developed his own Human Rights Foundation and has written for many of the world’s most respected news media publications, including the New York Times and The Washington Post.

For Thor Halvorssen the need to develop his message to as many people around the world as possible has seen him appear on non traditional news media in the U.S., such as Fox News and the Fox Business Channel; Halvorssen has also looked to develop a relationship with lawmakers around the world, including an appearance before the British Government in the Houses of Parliament. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

The need to assist others in need of having their human rights protected was inspired in Thor Halvorssen when his own mother was shot by government officials in Venezuela when attending a political rally for the political opposition.

Halvorssen has been a vocal opponent of the socialist ruling party in Venezuela who he feels are often protected by the human rights activists who do not wish to explain the problems created by governments with a left leaning political outlook.

Exploring Reality With The Kabbalah Center

The study of the ancient teachings of Kabbalah has a history that sets this Jewish form of religious study apart as one of the most complex in the world; for a prolonged period of time Rabbi would limit the study of Kabbalah to those men aged over 40 they thought were capable of understanding this complex series of teachings. The study of Kabbalah sees the student attempt to understand just how the five senses allow us to see around one percent of reality as the other 99 percent of reality remains hidden from us on a spiritual level.

The Kabbalah Center began its long history in the mid 1960s when Philip Berg began looking to bring his own understanding of these teachings to the people of the world; however, global success only came after Berg and his wife Karen relaunched the teaching center in the mid 1980s. The growth and expansion of The Kabbalah Center has seen a large number of branches open up around the world accompanied by the use of personal Kabbalah teachers available to students of these teachings.

Studying the Kabbalah with The Kabbalah Center has become even more popular than ever because of the chance to explore the teachings without students feeling they need to turn their back on their own religion. Instead, students of The Kabbalah Center are encouraged to find their own position in the universe in relation to a greater entity; this form of esoteric teaching comes from a belief that each major religion is just a branch of a belief in a greater sense of religion found throughout the universe.

The first changes that came to the teaching of Kabbalah began with a fully formed set of teachings appearing in the Middle Ages and being expanded on until the arrival of The Kabbalah Center in the 20th century. The belief that Kabbalah teachings are encoded into ancient Jewish texts makes it simple for these beliefs to be studied by students reading a range of ancient texts to uncover their meaning to living a content modern life.

Don Ressler Looks Towards Men Too

While fashion is not one of the topics that people would associate with men, there are a few men that are seeing the value of having a stylish outfit. These few men understand that what one wears will have an effect on how they are perceived. However, there are very few options when it comes to the overall style of menswear. Don Ressler has seen this. As a matter of fact, the same problem that plagues athletic wear for women is plaguing a large portion of menswear. There are very few options. While men for the most part are okay with what stores have to offer, Don Ressler wants to provide an opportunity for men to look unique as well.

Don Ressler’s vision has resulted in his company JustFab adopting a men’s line. However, they are not going to just make the same clothes that other companies are making for men. They are going to take the time to come up with a style that men can enjoy. At the same time, the outfits that Don Ressler’s company designs are not going to come off as weird. They will be okay to wear for men on Brandettes. Men will be able to look good and feel comfortable in these types of clothes.

Men can look through all of the unique bits of fashion that is available in the store and find an outfit that he likes. He will be amazed at the different fabrics and cuts that are used in order to bring out unique pieces. Don Ressler’s Fabletics line for men is put together for men who are willing and courageous enough to stand out from the crowd. If there is one thing about Fabletics and Don Ressler, it is that it is adventurous with the type of clothes that it puts together for both men and women. Therefore, both men and women will find something that excites them. Don Ressler knows that putting on a new outfit is a lot like putting on a fresh new personality on LinkedIn. For one thing, both men and women will feel confident and attract admiration.

Learn more about Don Ressler:

Middlesex Authority Defaults On Another Payment

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority of New Jersey has defaulted on the payment of $1 million dollars in principal and interest due on a $20 million dollar loan it received from the Casino Reinvestment Authority of Atlantic City. The default on this payment puts the total amount of payments that Middlesex County has missed at over $7 million dollars. This pattern has gone on now for over 5 years.
The original loan was made in 2005 to bankroll the construction of new Hotel and conference center complex called The Heldrich. The new center’s development was being handled by The New Brunswick Development Corporation a nonprofit organization.

The center’s development had been praised by state Senate President Stephen Sweeney as the personification of what could be accomplished when public money was used by private companies to execute and construct large-scale projects. The New Brunswick Corporation is also the business model used by the Atlantic City Development Corporation, a related company, which is expecting to receive over $200 million dollars in both public and private financing. Both New Brunswick and Atlantic City headed and operated by attorney Chris Paladino. Paladino also secured the $20 million dollar Heldrich loan.

When questioned about the loans to his companies Paladino replied that they would be paid but that it would take a couple of more years.
Meanwhile, the 235 room Heldrich Hotel, which opened in 2007, is struggling to attract paying guests. Last year its largest account was Johnson & Johnson all of whose executives are on the board of directors of the New Brunswick Development Corporation DEVCO and the occupancy rate was a dismal 63 percent. The hotel is so cash poor that it had to take over $776,000.00 dollars just to pay its basic expenses such as mattress and carpet replacement. Paladino also stated that he wants to be continually engaged in the hotel’s operation because “we want to make it healthy”.

The original $20 million dollar loan was part of a $107 million dollar financing package put together by the corporation to build the hotel. The package included $70 million dollars in bonds issued by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. The bonds are supposed to be repaid by revenue generated by the hotel. But the hotel has performed anemically at best. Full article can be found on The


National Assemblyman José Manuel González Thinks The Start Of The Non-Aligned Movement Summit Is Not Appropriate

Venezuela is in panic mode. The people are starving and they can’t get enough medicine for their children. Medical supplies are almost non-existent, and the government turns the electricity off constantly. The government of Nicolas Maduro is disintegrating, but Maduro stands his ground and says the imperialists are to blame for the shortages in Venezuela. One of the Deputies of the National Assembly, José Manuel González, has been working on a national agreement for months to ease some of the economic pressure that turned his country into a disaster area. Jose Manuel González is from the farming state, Guárico, and he is one of the leading agriculture entrepreneurs in the country.

González watched the government confiscate farms in his state while Hugo Chavez was in power, and those farms stop producing corn and grain because of the Chavez import food mandate. Food is no longer available because the government stopped domestic production. Maduro is the hand-picked successor of Chavez, but Chavez had a fat bank account to rely on when oil was $100 a barrel. The oil money dried up, but Maduro continues to block any kind of domestic initiative to alleviate the shortages.

Instead of reaching out to neighbors than want to help, Maduro is hosting a Non-Aligned Summit for countries that did not support the U.S. or the Soviet Union’s during the Cold War. Countries like Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Iran, and Zimbabwe are meeting on Margarita Island to discuss how the imperialists are ruining Venezuela. Maduro’s military is doing his best to hide the misery that is taking place in his country. But the opposition is protesting the summit, and they are asking for a recall referendum to remove Maduro from office.

José Manuel González and other members of the National Assembly have been following the law and trying to change some of the policies that are impacting the people. But the situation has moved past the point of changing Maduro’s policies by the book. The people are in protest mode and the country is quickly approaching a breakdown in civil obedience. More than 1 million people participated in a protest demonstration in Caracas recently, and another demonstration is in the works. Venezuela is on the verge of a breakdown while Maduro sips wine with his fellow stooges.

VTA Publications Offer Their Expertise And Professionalism To Everyone

Founded first in 2012, VTA Publications is a business that focuses on supplying online courses and stories of success. The company also offers services in event organizing, catering, and they host a variety of different seminars on different topics. The company uses stories of success that are real from extremely successful people to help encourage and build confidence in others to do the same. The company is dedicated and ready to help people discover and push towards their true potential.

VTA investment analyst and adviser, Jim Hunt, is responsible for stock charts and predicting the ups and downs of the stocks at the company. It takes a special talent and level of experience to fully understand the workings of investments, stocks, securities, and more. Jim has this level of extensive experience that he has been using to help other people with their investments and achieve their goals for success. Jim Hunt even presents his owns successes, including overcoming a bear run in the market, which he detailed on YouTube.

Not only was his prediction correct this time, but he effectively showed his abilities to analyze and predict in order to earn a profit. Jim Hunt has a high level of knowledge and he has gained confidence in his predicting abilities and will make investments that many other professionals will shy away from because they do not trust their prediction. Through VTA Publications, guides for success, like Jim Hunt’s, can be made into a tool for others to use as a guide and for inspiration.

Jim Hunt’s company is able to provide clients with a large variety ideas for investments and others fields from experts like Jim Hunt, who has an impressive and successful history. This work gives others the confidence to try out their methods and ideas and become part of a bigger network. For now and the time to come, VTA Publications will continue offering the tools people need to push themselves towards success.

InnovaCare Health Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage Plans are medical schemes that provide health services to people. These medical plans are offered by selected facilities, which the Federal Government reimburses to cover the expenses they incur while providing these health benefits.

The common type of the Medicare Advantage Plans is the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). These are private firms contracted by the Federal Government to provide its citizens with various Medicare benefits.

Preferred Provider Organization is another variable of the Medicare Advantage Plans. This plan entails a set fixed co-payment charge ceiling, which clients pay when they utilize such facilities as InnovaCare Health Inc. If a customer receives health care services from health providers, which have no legal affiliations with the Medicare program, the costs could be reviewed upwards.

Another type of the Medicare Advantage Plans is the Private Fee For Services (PFFS) plan. This program incorporates all the health benefits, which were provided by the Original Medicare. The plan of InnovaCare Health may also extend its coverage to Part D, which offers drug coverage.

Read more: InnovaCare Health | LinkedIn

Despite the few divergences in Medicare Advantage Plans, the programs share some common characteristics.
* They incorporate both Parts A and B of the Original Medicare.
* The offer all the benefits that were provided by the Original Medicare.
* They feature a set limit on the out-of-pocket spending of a patient.
* In some schemes, there may be additional services such as dental and vision care.
* The different plans feature varied regulations, which determine when and how a patient can get coverage.
* They charge a premium fee in addition to the monthly premium of Medicare Part B.
* In order to benefit from the Medicare Advantage Plans, a person must have Medicare Part A and Part B, reside in a location where the service is offered by the program as well as not have an End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

It is highly recommendable for people to seek advice about the Medicare Advantage Plans from the right provider before selecting any particular scheme. A Medicare Advantage Plan provider will guide you in choosing the most suitable and reliable plan alongside providing you with quality customer service.

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of the Medicare plans. The facility is committed to providing quality and affordable health services. The firm primarily operates in Puerto Rico. Rick Shinto, M.D. is the company’s CEO and leads the facility critically with his excellent skills. Rick Shinto boasts of over 20 years’ experience in the health industry. He has also authored numerous clinical medicine journals. The Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides. She has a working experience of over two decades in managed healthcare organizations and government programs. She has the expertise to design and maintain managed healthcare operations and innovative clinical programs.