Cousins Snubbed


As it always is at the midpoint of each and every season in the National Basketball Association, there is huge speculation as to who made the All Star team and who was snubbed. This year is no different and sportscasters and writers alike are debating who should have been on the team and who made it that probably should have been held off. Some people feel that DeMarcus Cousins should be an All Star this year, and honestly it is pretty hard to argue with that when you break down his numbers. He is currently scoring twenty-four points a night, which puts him at fourth in the entire NBA and he is pulling down an average of 12.6 rebounds a night which has him in third place. These are some pretty phenomenal numbers and it is pretty hard to believe for fans around the Sacramento Area, like Haidar Barbouti, that he should not be playing, but there are other factors that go into the decision. YouTube videos of fans reactions have surfaced because of their support for Cousins.
His team is playing absolutely horrible basketball and a lot of people feel that a player shouldn’t make the All Star team if the team they are playing is on is terrible, regardless of the numbers that they are putting up. If this is actually how it goes someone needs to tell that to Carmelo Anthony, who got the starting spot on the roster in the East despite being the best player on the worst team in NBA history.

Beneful for Your Best Friend

Beneful for the best friend you have ever had. He/she is always happy to see you and greets you with a friendly bark, smile and tail wag. So they need to eat well to continue to be healthy and happy all the days of their lives

Beneful, a product of Purina dog food is happy to help you meet the needs of your baby, buddy,or pal. Rest assured that Beneful products are made in company owned facilities in the United States. These plants can be found in
• Flagstaff, Arizona
• Fairburn, Georgia
• Davenport, Iowa
Each location has quality assurance laboratories ensuring your friends’ food is of the highest quality natural products, completely safe and nutritious to consume. There are many state laws, as well as FDA and USDA regulations that were created to keep your dog healthy and Beneful adheres to them all.
Beneful provides you with choices of dry and (wet) food otherwise knows as prepared meals. Prepared meals do not come in a can and there are eleven varieties to choose from. These are an offering of grains, vegetables, and chunks of real poultry and meat in a clear, re-sealable, plastic container.
There are seven different selections of dry food to choose from.
• Healthy Growth for puppies is a nutritious formula designed to help your little friend grow up happy, healthy and strong
• Healthy Radiance incorporates Omega fatty acids using salmon to increase protein which aids in a glossy coat and healthy skin
• Original is a balance that incorporates excellent flavor and quality nutrition
• Healthy Fiesta combines taste and nutrition with vegetables and avocado
• Incredibites are small sized bites of beef for smaller dogs and little jaws, yet still is protein rich nutrition.
• Playful Life is designed to help keep your pal bouncy, healthy and having fun by providing a little extra protein
• Healthy Weight has 10% less calories than original Beneful to keep your dog healthy and happy longer
Beneful brings your dog protein rich foods, but the formulas also have a grain base that is necessary to keep your friend happy and healthy as long as possible. People need to eat grains to be there healthiest, and we need to do the same to keep our truest friends in the same condition.

) Kobe Should Retire

Kobe Bryant has had one of the most impressive careers that anyone has ever seen in the National Basketball Association. He came into the league nearly twenty years ago straight out of high school and was one of the most anticipated young players to ever enter the league. He actually came into the league as a semi-celebrity already after taking the singer Brandy to his senior prom at his high school. Kobe has had an amazing career and currently has posted the third most points scored over an NBA career, which is truly mind blowing when you think about the dominant players that have come and went. Kobe will go down as one of the best players to ever play the game and will absolutely become a hall of famer at some point.

However, he has been plagued with injuries over the last few seasons. This is something  my friend Dan Newlin said is totally new to Kobe Bryant, as he really coasted through his first fifteen or so seasons without ever sustaining a real injury. He tore his Achilles two years ago and has been out of commission for the majority of the time since then. He watched the Lakers go into the tank recently and it has been hard for him to cope with the letdown. Last night Kobe tore his rotator cuff in a game they lost to the Pelicans and now it seems that the best thing for Bryant may be to step out gracefully

Jared Haftel Making A Name For Himself Already

After graduating from Duke University with his Bachelors Degree in Science Mathematics and Economics, Jared translated his education and financial acumen to succeed in a successful career as an investment analyst for some of the largest financial firms in the world, including Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, and Vector Capital. While working at Merrill Lynch he was responsible for handling a variety of commodities and researching investment opportunities related to his educational experience.

Making the move from North Carolina to California, Jared Haftel brought his talents to San Francisco. Here he transferred his talents to Vector Capital, a private equity firm that seeks opportunities for investment into technology companies. While living in California, he decided to expand his education and complete his Master’s of Business Administration at Stanford University.

Exploring his eclectic style to compliment his education he has written several freelance articles covering everything from music, pop culture, and of a more sophisticated manner where has offered his advice on resume writing tips and techniques that will get people the best chance of landing a job.

You can also follow Jared on Twitter, where he’s pretty active talking about the finance world.

Christopher Cowdray leads The Dorchester Collection into the future

Christopher Cowdray has spent almost the whole of his working life in the hotel and hospitality industry, over the course of his career he has worked his way up to hotel manager at London’s iconic The Dorchester. Cowrday may not be a household name, but he is well known in the luxury hospitality industry as both the manager of The Dorchester and Claridge’s. Christopher Cowdray has moved through the industry to now head up the impressive The Dorchester Collection chain of exclusive hotels that are becoming one of the most important exclusive chains in the World and are now found in a number of the most beautiful cities across many continents.

At the outset of Cowdray’s leadership of the brand in 2007 he quickly identified the major problem facing the group as the lack of effective branding and no distinct identity running through the chain. Only a small group of hotels were in The Dorchester Collection in 2007, five hotels that were not seen as being linked in any way were tied together purely by their ownership. Cowdray quickly set about changing the way the group of hotels was seen and wished to create a distinct identity for the chain while maintaining the individuality of each hotel that was loved by the exclusive clients.

This first stage of the process of creating one of the most important hotel chains in the World was completed quickly, followed by the slow process of identifying new locations and adding hotels to the chain. Unlike many other exclusive chains The Dorchester Collection refuses to add hotels to the chain in a fast and less than impressive fashion, instead choosing to add exclusive hotels that add to the already high class feel of The Dorchester Collection. Amongst the hotels added to the chain in recent years has been the Hotel Bel Air, which The Dorchester Collection closed for two years to give the hotel a complete overhaul and provide improvements for future guests. They have all been talked about favorably on Elite Traveler. Cowdray believes the addition of a further six hotels to take the total in the chain to 15 over the next ten years will be an achievement he could be proud of.



Harden Drops 45

James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder made some comments last week before their game against the Golden State Warriors before getting absolutely slaughtered on the court that the Warriors had already beaten them twice this season but they are not that good. The Thunder proceeded to get obliterated and walked off the court looking dejected after losing by twenty-five points. James Harden clearly put his foot in his mouth after that game, as he was absolutely incorrect about how good the Golden State Warriors are. He clearly was unhappy with his performance in that game and made a decision that he was going to bring everything in their next game.

But my friend Flavio Maluf scored us tickets to the game where Harden brought his A-game back when they squared off against the Indiana Pacers, in a game that harden dropped forty-five points and added eighteen points in the third quarter. This is what James Harden is known for and what made him rise to such prominence in the National Basketball Association. He is known for big plays and for consistently putting up big amounts of points on a nightly basis. He is the kind of player that a team is built around, and the Houston Rockets have secured him in a long contract with that exact goal in mind. So far the Rockets have not won a whole lot since James Harden came to town, but they look to be a team that is in the mix for an NBA title run later this season.

Six Years of Success Eliminating Chronic Back Pain at North American Spine

This week marks the sixth year that North American Spine has provided care to back patients. The healthcare facility is located in Dallas, Texas and released a press release to commemorate the event. The original press release can be found at PR Newswire and was reported on by Becker’s Spine Review.

For the past six years, the facility has offered the AccuraScope® procedure. The procedure a minimally invasive one that treats back pain. In the past six years, the facility has performed over 8,000 procedures with the AccuraScope. They have reports of happy patients with a reduction of chronic pain in their backs.

The new procedure has seen major success as well. It has an 82% success rate among the patients at North American Spine. With this simple procedure, patients are able to save countless amounts on pain management as well as other surgeries. The average patient estimates around $23,190 in savings over an average of five years. This does not include what is covered by their medical insurance. This amount is what is paid for out of pocket by the patient.

This simple and innovative procedure is not only helping patients with their chronic back pain, but it is also increasing their quality of life in many other ways. Patients have more money to spend on things they actually want to spend it on instead of doctors visits and medication. They have more time to spend with friends and family because they are not constantly going to the doctor and they spend less time in bed because of pain. They also are able to do more because there is much less pain than there was prior to the procedure. With this procedure, North American Spine has been able to enrich the lives of people in the Dallas area for six years.

The procedure only takes about 45 minutes. The AccuraScope uses a small camera to pinpoint the source of the chronic back pain. Once they have been located, the areas can be treated using various methods.

Many patients are now turing to North American Spine for the AccuraScope procedure because it has shown such success and promise. There is nothing better than having a life free of chronic back pain when that is what you have been accustomed to for many years. The success that has been experienced at North American Spine has been very uplifting for many people with chronic back pain.

Star Wars Spinoff Still Looking for Actress


Few franchises in the movie industry can get fans talking as quickly as Star Wars.  Fans of the film, like Marc Sparks, set the media buzzing with any news. With a new trilogy set to begin in less than a year, the series is also getting ready to begin filming the first of the spinoff movies. Since these movies will be additional stories not associated with the trilogy, the characters and actors involved are somewhat up in the air. However with a release date in December of 2016, the first spinoff might want to decide on an actress.

According to Screen Rant, Kate Mara, Rooney Mara, Felicity Jones, and Tatiana Maslany have all tested for the lead in the first untitled spinoff movie. Of course, details are still under wraps as far as story and character for the role, but rumors are flying that a young version of Princess Leia might be on the horizon. Whether or not the new films will try to insert things into the original, and much loved, trilogy remains to be seen. Still, there are a lot of high powered actresses in the running for the part.

Any news on the Star Wars front is sure to circulate quickly, and as “The Force Awakens” nears the December 2015 release, eyes will be turning to the first spinoff. With any luck the movie gets a trailer in front of the new trilogy, but with promotion of movies running years ahead it could be much sooner. Of course, the producers need to decide on an actress first.

A College Under Renovations

After working as a professor with Wisconsin University for four years, Jonathan Veitch was then elected as president of Occidental College, which is situated in Los Angeles, California. Since the summer of 2009, Jonathan, his wife and three children have lived in the Wallis Annenberg President’s House found on Occidental’s main campus grounds.

His education is quite diverse and prestigious. He has a B.A., from Stanford University; a M.A., from Harvard University and a renown Ph.D. from Harvard as well. As a stout advocate and professor of literature, Jonathan Veitch has also produced a memorable award-winning piece of literature on democracy. The “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s” was released by the University of Wisconsin Press in 1997.

One of Veitch’s most notable addition to Occidental College since starting his presidency, however, is his cooperation with neighboring communities. His implements have reduced complaints of loud parties and frat boys among neighborhoods found blocks off campus. Even more, Jonathan has responded favorably to parking issues that now allow both residents or campus students to adequately park and secure their vehicles.

The Los Angeles native hopes to have a long tenure of at least 10 years at Occidental College—a university many see as in need of a lengthy presidency. Within the aspiration of the president of “Oxy,” Jonathan Veitch hopes to, “synthesize complex material[s], develop new ideas, take risks, tolerate ambiguity; and write and communicate effectively.”

As the 15th president of Occidental College, Jonathan Veitch forwards progress with the complete construction of a new Samuelson Alumni Center as well as expansive renovations made to a 98-year-old structure that behaves as the primary domicile of more than a third of Occidental College’s faculty.

Numerous projects are in motion as Jonathan Veitch’s ambition also reaches out to a 1-megawatt, solar-powered system that will be the largest in California and will also produce 11 percent of the campus’ yearly electric supply.

His most recent effort toward higher education in the USA is matched with a prospecting future, an impressive track record of cooperation and useful accomplishments. There is a lot to be seen from Jonathan in the near future, and most of it will make Occidental a new and better place.

Fox Acquires The Rights To Escape From New York


One of the most popular cult films of the 1980’s will soon be getting a remake. According to Deadline, Fox has acquired the rights to remake John Carpenter’s Escape From New York with the hopes of turning the action film into a franchise.

Even though the remake is still in the early stages of development, it appears likely that John Carpenter would be part of the movie serving as executive producer. Fox also said that Carpenter would be a driving creative force in developing the movie. It is unlikely that Carpenter will direct the reboot.

The movie centers on Snake Plissken, who was originally played by Kurt Russell. Plissken is a special forces veteran who is sent to the island of Manhattan in a futuristic 1997 to recover the president whose plane has crashed onto the island, which now serves as a prison. It is unknown yet who would play Plissken in the remake.

Carpenter tried to turn Escape From New York into a franchise in the late 1990’s with a sequel called Escape From New York; however, the movie proved to be a disappointment. The movie did spawn a novelization and a series of comic books. The rights to the series have been passed around Hollywood for quite some time having originally been bought by New Line Cinema and then passed on to Joel Silver of Silver Pictures in 2013. Fans of the movie like Darius Fisher are going to be pleased if Fox proceeds with production.